Written by Musta55

12 Mar 2010

When Michael discovered that I was wearing Stockings, Suspenders and Panties. He became very dominant and within a minute that was all that I was wearing, my cock was immediately hard and I was just helpless.

After our first lingering kiss, he pushed me to my knees quite forcibly. My face was level with his obvious bulge, without any exchange I reached up and unzipped him reaching in I released the most amazing cock that I had ever seen. It was about 8" and cut, without a thought I took as much of it as I could into my mouth. I could taste the precum, after what seemed like a long time but probably wasn't I felt Michael start to twitch, his hips started to move back and forward.

I knew that he was close to cumming, I tried to move back but his hands on the back of my head stopped me and before I knew it he was pumping his cum into my mouth. When I moved away and reached down for my own small cock, Michael just steped forward and held my hands saying that he had something special in mind.

We moved to the bed and lay down beside each other, after a few minutes of kissing with him lying on my right arm and my left arm held above my head I could feel his cock getting harder. "I know we are going to have some fun tonite" he said as his hand slid into my panties and went past my cock and between my legs, I could feel his finger pushing insistently at my man pussy and after some resistance it slid past the muscle and was in. I could feel him trying to push a second finger in, but I was just too tight.

He got up and said to stay there and left the room, after a few minutes (It seemed longer) he came back. He turned me over and I could feel what I now know was Olive Oil being poured into my bum crack, within a few second he had two and then three fingers in me. Although it was quite painfull, after a few seconds of working his fingers in and out I was really letting go of my inhibitions. Then I felt him get up close between my legs and I felt the tip of his cock against me, with a squeal from me he was in - I thought I was being split in two. But within a few seconds he was giving me a good seeing to and I was begging to be fucked, as I learned over the next few months Michael wasn't one to dissapoint before I knew it I had cum and a few seconds after that I felt him cum inside me.

As we lay there, me in my cum and him still inside me. He started to nibble my neck, I was just in heaven and wanted things to stay as they were. But Michael pulled out and I really did have an empty feeling, without anything being said he got up and handed me my things. I took the hint and left for my room, knowing that things would never be the same in my life again.