Written by Musta55

17 Mar 2010

Did you wear that for Michael she asked, I just nodded yes. Maria told me to get dressed, I put on my shirt and tie, trousers and as I picked up my socks she just said you won't need socks. I put on my shoes and then my waist-coat, alright you can go back to the dining room now, your to help there today. I breathed a sigh of relief as I left her office, she had just stood and laughed at me while I was standing in front of her in a Red Satin Lace trimmed Basque, Fishnet Stockings and a matching thong. I'd really expected much worse and it hadn't happened, when I arrived in the dining room I was given a group of tables to look after and that passed without any incident.

At 2:30 or so the dining room closed and the staff sat down to their meal, In came Maria something she didn't usually do. All the staff were present some getting food and getting the table ready, when she just announced that I would be serving lunch to the staff. A look in her direction told me that it was best just to comply, I did as I was told and cleared the table as most of the staff left. There was only two of the cleaners left as I cleared up, as was leaning over the table one of the cleaners just rubbed her hand over my backside and said "stockings too" I saw Maria nodding. "Yes fishnets, Paul show Vivien". Look at his ankles Vivien, a hand pulled the leg of my trousers up and there was laughter.

Bring me coffee and biscuits for two to my office when you've cleared the table she said, I cleared the table and made up a tray as ordered. In the office I was very surprised to see Michael, "here's your sissy" she said. Maria said to put the tray on the desk and leave. It was a good 30 minutes before Michael came out of the office, he was obviously flustered and went straight upstairs to his room. I followed as discretely as I could a short while later, when I went in he was just sitting on the bed "Maria knows about us" he said. I told him it didn't matter, he just blurted out it does - "I'm married".

The door opened and there was Maria with this real wicked grin, almost a leer on her face "Oh I know that we're all going to have such fun" was what she said. "Two of you, I knew about you Paul but not Michael I'm going to make the best of this" she closed the door "I want to see you together". "I know who the she is, so show me what happens when you're alone". "NOW! I don't have all day" she barked, Paul undress for Michael quickly I started to undress. Michael you too, show me what's happened between you - you told me you'd already been to bed with Paul, I want to see you together and I don't want to be disappointed.

I was trembling, this was always a fantasy. Here I was being forced by a woman to please an other man, my cock was hard probably harder than it had ever been. Michael stepped up too me and I looked at his cock, it seemed to be even bigger than before I got down on my knees and took him into my mouth. It didn't take long for him to cum, I was kneeling in front of Michael still with a hard on and Maria was just looking at us both. She just smiled, a smile the that I would grow to fear over the rest of the season. She told me to go with her to my room, I picked up my shirt - she said "it's only a few doors down the corridor, you don't need to get dressed".

I got to the room without incident, once inside she had me lay out the lingerie that I had. "Do you like wearing these things" she asked, "Yes" I replied. "What else do you and Michael do when your alone?", "has he fucked you?". From the expression on my face she knew, I didn't have to answer. She told me to lie on the bed face down, hands behind my back. In just a minute my ankles and wrists were tied. The fist slap caused me to cry out and a minute late I was gagged too, she rained slaps on my uncovered backside for an age I could hear her panting. I was actually crying from the spanking that I received from her, "that's because Michael told me that you had only sucked him off" and she left my room.

I lay on my bed for what seemed an age, before Maria came back. I could see her as she came towards me, that smile again. She pulled my thong down, I was still tied and gagged and she started to rub my cock. When I came it went every where, she just untied me and said tomorrow you'll be helping Vivien.