Written by Musta55

7 Apr 2010

Maria finished using the strapon on me and left me tied to the bed "I'll be seeing you later" she said and left, Vivien just lay underneath me with her hands holding my head against her pussy in the final throws of her orgasm. After a little while she eased her self out from under my face and she stood up walked round the bed and looked at my rear end, "well Maria gave you a really good seeing to didn't she", she said. I could only nod in agreement as I was still tied to the end of the bed, Vivien came round behind me and started to rub my sore cheeks. I could feel her running her hands over my rear, "Noel is going to have to do you, as I won't let him have me this way". "maybe he'll be in a better frame of mind this afternoon in the spa".

Vivien untied me from the bed and left me to sort myself out, she came back after a few minutes and touched up my makeup. "After lunch I want you over at the spa, about two will be fine - don't be late or there will be trouble". "The spa is where I'm in charge, so what I say goes and if you know whats good for you you'll do exactly as I say". With that Vivien left and I was alone in my new room, I walked over to the wardrope.

As I stood looking in the mirror in my room, standing in a short skirt with an almost see through blouse and to any one it was obvious that I was male and wearin lingerie. I had a tan that looked like I had always worn a bikini, had been totally waxed from the neck down. I was wearing makeup and had been fucked by my female boss, I just stayed in my room for most of the lunch time wondering how far this would go, when it was time I quickly walked over to the spa trying to calm my nerves.

When I was walking over to the spa I tried to keep out of view from the main hotel, hoping that I wouldn't be seen by any of the other staff. As I walked into the spa, Vivien got up from her desk and ushered me into one of the cubicals. "You're going to assist me today, we only have two appointments this afternoon - so just wait here".

After about 15 minutes, Vivien called me. I went into one of the other cubicles to find her giving a massage to a guest who I knew was a regular. He was lying on his back and obviously aroused his hand was on Viviens bottom, "This is Paul, he's very compliant" she said. She pulled me up to the massage table and placed his hand on my thigh, "I think that he will be able to help with your problem", He just smiled at me and looked at his cock, I stood looking at him my own small cock semi erect. His hand reached up to the back of my head and pulled my face down, before I was any where near his cock my mouth was wide open. Without the slightest of cares I was sucking off a complete stranger, I felt his hand slide up to my panties then his fingers on my man pussy and then he came in my mouth in a really short time. As I stood up Vivien just said to me, "you're just what we've been waiting for, now go to the other cubical and wait for me".

When Vivien came into the cubical she had me take my top and bra off and lie on the massage table, "close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you to". "Yes Mistress" I said and lay down on the table, I closed my eyes and could feel her going over the white bits that had been where my bra was when she tanned me. She told me to turn over and did my back where the

straps had been, "Mistress, what are you doing" I asked and was rewarded by Vivien grabbing my balls and squeezing hard. "If you need to know anything I'll tell you, you pathetic little sissy". The pain was excruciating "Now stay here until I call for you", with that she released my balls and left then I heard her talking to some one.

The other client in the spa turned out to be the owner of the hotel, her name was Francis and she was in her 70's I was told later that she only came in once a week for a manicure. I waited in the cubicle for about 45 minutes, then i heard Francis leaving. Vivien came back in to the cubicle and said that Noel would be over in a few minutes. She told me to take off the rest of my things and handed me a white coat like the one that she was wearing, as we stood there waiting for Noel she started to ask me about my ex wife Jillian. How had she reacted when she had found out about me? Did she ever fuck real men? Hed she fucked me? I told Vivien that once Jillian had found out about me all the I was allowed to do was give her oral sex and she would let me wear lingerie, some times she would rub me through my panties until I came - but that was it. It had been almost three years since I had had sex with Jillian, then she divorced me.

The questions stopped when Noel arrived, Vivien went out to see Noel. She then called for me to come out into the public area. she told me to stand beside the massage table I was wearing only a thin nylon coat. Vivien said "There are no clients for the rest of the day and I have told reception that the spa is now closed", so he's all yours she said. Noel looked at me and moved towards me, my cock was getting hard as Noel came towards me with a leer on his face. His hand went between my legs and he started to fondle me, I could see Vivien out of the corner of my eye standing watching us. Noel opened my coat and took my cock in his hand, he smiled and started to wank me. After a little while he took my hand and put it on his now fully erect cock, Vivien came up behind me and put her hand on my shoulders and pushed me down onto my knees. My face was level with Noel's cock, he hooked his thumbs in the waist band of his checks and pulled them down. Noel's cock sprung out, my mouth and eyes opened not to recieve his cock but because he was wearing stockings and suspenders. I felt his hand pulling my face towards his crotch and his cock entering my mouth.