Written by Musta55

18 Mar 2010

Vivien was much older than most of the other staff, probably around the 50 mark but she was in quite good shape. When I went throuh to the guest rooms she was waiting, as she showed me how to do the rooms she was really suggestive. It was quite obvious that she knew that I wore lingerie, she also quickly worked out that I was totally submissive.

We had only six or seven rooms to clean, as we cleaned them she was being more open with the questions. She started to really probe, I know that you wear stockings and suspengers - do you wear a bra she asked. Sometimes I answered, not looking at her. Did I like men was an other question, again not really answered. By the third or fourth room she knew how submissive I really was, right she said you can do this one and she stood behind me. As I was changing he duvet cover, she reached between my legs and grabbed a handfull of cock and balls. I just stopped moving and she pushed me forward onto the bed, within a few seconds her hand was inside the panties I was wearing and I was powerless to stop her. The next room was different though, once inside Vivien started to really push me around she eventually sat on the bed pulled me to her and once she was sure of her ground pushed my head to her pussy.

I didn't really need a second invitation as I loved sucking pussy - some thing my ex wife didn't like, however what was a surprise was the size of her clit. It was like a mini cock, she was very direct and knew exactly what she wanted - I sucked on her pussy for quite a while and knew that she had cum more than once. We just carried on with the last couple of rooms, as we finished the last room she said that Michael wanted to see me in his room. I just about ran to his room after we had cleared the trolly away, only to find Maria there with that smile on her face.

Well how was Vivien's fanny, I know that you've eaten her - because I told her to send you here only if you'd had your head between her thighs. Over here she said, pulling her skirt up over her ample thighs and as I could see - very hirstute pussy. I dis as I was told and sucked for all I was worth, within 10 minutes Maria was bucking underneath the ministrations of my tongue and mouth.

She came several times each time more noisey than the time before, eventually after what seemed like hours but was probably only half an hour she pushed me away. Oh I knew that after the chat with your ex wife this was how things would be she said, Jillian (My ex) had told me how submissive you were, I didn't believe her - I do now she said. Tomorrow your life is going to change, I'm going to show you what it really means to be a sissy she said......