Written by Musta55

24 Mar 2010

Just a few minutes after I returned to my room, Michael arrived at the door. He just came into the room and told me that he was really woried about Maria telling his wife that we had had a fling, that I had to tell her that it had just been a mistake. He could see through my shirt that I was wearing the dark blue bra, he couldn't take his eyes off it and I could see the growing bulge in his tight trousers.

After just a few minutes I thought that he was going to leave, but as he stood up he just stepped towards me and his bulge was right there. I couldn't do anything about it, I just reached up and unzipped him, his cock just sprung out into my face. I just opened my mouth and took what I was given, this time Michael was much more gentle but once he came he just zipped up his pants and left.

The next day I was over in the annex again with Vivien, within a few minuted of me being there I had my head buried in her pussy. After she had cum, there was an awkward moment which was broken by her tellig me that I needed to get dressed for work. Strip she said, I did slowly and she just stood and watched walking around me. When I was completely undressed she smiled, steped up to me and put her hand on my cock. As my cock started to get hard she smiled and looked into my eyes, Maria told me what you're ex wife said you know, that you like the lingerie thing. Well as long as you're here that's how it's going to be. Maria will be here in a little while and I've got to have you dressed, so I want you to come upstairs with me. I walked in front of her, concious of her watching me as we went up stairs.

When we got to the room I'd cleaned the day before, she opened the door and motioned me inside. When I got inside, there was a set of lingerie on the bed, Panties, Stockings, Suspenders and a Braziere all in white and lace trimmed. I stood there, naked looking at the lingerie my cock growing hard. "Go on" she said, put it on before Maria gets here. I put the suspender belt on, then the stockings and panties followed by the bra. Vivien walked over to the wardrobe and produce a blouse and skirt which she handed to me - I knew that I'd wear them and by the look on her face so did she. Once I was dressed in the Skirt and Blouse Vivien couldn't keep her hands off me, I thought that it was lucky that Maria turned up a few minutes later. "Well look at him, or is it her" she said, "I'm sure that he'll be just what we want Vivien".

"Well Paul, I've been to your room and I've brought your underpants with me" as she tipped them onto the bed from a cardboard box. "Here's a pair of scissors, I want you to cut them up". I looked at Vivien, she had a huge smile on her face. I took the scissors and looked at the pile of underpants, "don't worry you won't need them any more" she said. I picked up a pair, looked at Maria and snipped through the waist band - within a few minutes I had cut them all up. "see I told you", Maria said "Once he's in Panties you can do what you want with him". "Paul, you're to tell Vivien what you'll do for her" Maria said. "Whatever she tells me", I said. The look on Viviens face was one of total surprise I'm sure, I was really surprised to see it there as I thought that she was certain that I was sissy. Maria sat on the chair in the room, "Over my knee" she said I just got over her knees and felt her pull the skirt up. "Now when was the last time you saw Michael?". "Last night", she rained blows down on my still sore behind untill I was crying. Then she reached inside my panties and started wanking me, I came in no time at all - maybe 30 seconds.

I just lay across Marias knees, as I looked up I saw Vivien has her hand inside her skirt. The look on her face said it all, as I looked at her I felt Maria's fingers at my man pussy and without any real resistance she had two fingers inside me. Vivien could obviously see my ass, I saw her shudder and her eyes glaze over as she came. "Paul, you're going to have a wonderfull experience. Vivien is going to show you how to please a woman". So when she is working in the Spa this afternoon, you'll make an appointment and see her". When I went to the Spa, I had to wait about 15 minutes to se Vivien. She ushered me into the room and told me to undress, when I was just wearing my lingerie she stopped me and gave me a pair of blacked out swim goggles and put me on the sun bed. She lowered the top an turned it on, after a little while she came and got me and told me to take the lingerie of and lie face up on the massage table. She leaned over me and told me that when I left I'd be hairless below the neck, once before I'd shaved my pubes - but I wasn't ready for a waxing. I yelped several times before she had finished, but when she had I was as she said hairless below the neck and smarting a bit.

After the visit to the Spa I was sent beck to the annex, where Maria was waiting for me. I want to see, she said. I took my male clothes off and Maria was obviously pleased. She came behind me, slid her hands into my panties and gave me a wank I lasted about a minute if that. Tomorrow she said, You'll be putting on makeup. You'll only do what Vivien and I tell you to do, so if Michael shows any interest - tell him to get lost. He's only part of your life if I say so, if you're going to have any pleasure It'll be up to Vivien or me. "You can think about this, tomorrow morning You'll come to the office if you're wearing lingerie I'll know that you're ready to be our sissy for as long as we want. If your not wearing lingerie then you can leave, the choice is yours. Go and think about it!"