Written by Musta55

9 Apr 2010

Noel held my head and started to face fuck me, he withdrew his cock several times and held my head just out of reach. Vivien

was standing just a few feet away telling him what to do, then she started to become more dominant. She soon was saying

things like, "He'll put his cock back in your mouth if you say please". Without any delay I said "Please let me suck your

cock", he pulled my head onto his cock and I started sucking. Vivien told us to stop, then told me to lie on the massage

table face down. Once I was on the table, Vivien told me to spread my legs and told Noel to climb between them. As I lay

there I felt something cold being pushed into the crack of my bottom, then I felt Noel's hot cock pushing at my man pussy.

Gently at first but then with more force, with a grunt from Noel my resistance was broken and I was being fucked by Noel. I

could feel him almost pulling out and then ramming his cock home, after just a few thrusts I was rising to meet his cock

trying to get even more of it inside me. After just a few minutes I could feel him getting close to cumming, just seconds

later I felt him cumming and he just groaned. Vivien was still standing watching the performance, her hand was inside her

coat obviously rubbing her pussy.

Noel lay on top of me and I could feel his cock soften, "Paul, I think you should thank Noel and tell him that he can visit

you whenever he wants". "Yes Mistress" I said, "Noel, you can come to my room in the annex when ever you want". Vivien seemed

happy with the response and told Noel to get back to the hotel, he climbed off the massage table, pulled his check up and left. "Now I want you to help me with the cleaning and preparation for tomorrow" Vivien said. I climbed off the table feeling quite sore, I could feel Noel's cum leaking from me and my cock was still hard. I started to fasten the coat I was wearing, but Vivien stopped me and told me to shower first. After I had showered and dried myself Vivien had me clear away all the towels that had been used during the day and then dry round the wet room and sauna, when I had cleaned up she told me to get back on the massage table face down. She wrapped a towel round my head and I could feel her going over the white bits around my middle with something, "turn over" she said. I could feel her continuing over the white bits at the front, but after the squeezing she had given my balls earlier in he day knew better than to ask what she as doing. Then I felt her at my balls and cock, the same thing except I was worried that she would hurt me there so I said nothing. Once that was done she had me put my lingerie, blouse and skirt back on. When I was dressed she looked at the trainers that I was wearing and told me that she would have to sort out some better shoes.

We finished getting the spa area ready, well I did with Vivien telling me what to do. She then took me into her office and

had me sorting out her desk and the filing, "you've done quite well" she said "so tomorrow afternoon I'll have an appointment

for you and I'll give you a treat". "Now off you go back to your room, it wouldn't do to keep Maria waiting". I left the spa

and sneaked back to the annex, I went into my room to find no one there. It was a bit strange being in the annex with no

other rooms in use, as the staff quarters in the hotel had always been quite noisey. It was some time before I heard the key

in the door, Maria as the manageress had a masterkey to all the rooms. She came in carrying a small ruck sack which she

dropped on the floor, as she shut the door to my room. She was wearing her working clothes but instead of the "A" line skirt

that she normally wore she had a pair of trousers on. "Now Paul, I want you to tell me about your day" she said. I couldn't

look at her, but while I was looking at my feet I told her what had happened during the afternoon. When I did mange to look

up at her she was smiling. "You don't have to be embarased, Jillian has told me all about you. Did you know that she has

found a man who can satisfy her?" she said. "He can fuck her for ages and she knows that she has a cock in her, not like that little thing of yours. She's been getting done by him for over two years, while you've just been getting wanked off by her. Oh I know all about it, you little fuckin sissy". "It's alright though, because now you've found your place in the world and it's mainly down to pleasing other people isn't it?"

I was struggling to stop my self from crying, although my cock was rock hard. Maria came over, wrapped her arms round my neck

and kissed me full on. "All you have to think about is that you're here for my pleasure and that youll do as I tell you", she

pushed me back to the bed her mouth pressed hard against mine. I never felt her change position, but the next thing I felt was her knee connecting with my balls. I dropped onto the bed, Maria on top of me and a really wild look in her eyes. She slid her hand between my legs and cupped my now soft cock and balls, "Jillian told be that your cock was pathetic and that it was likely to be the smallest one that I ever see - I wasn't sure until I saw it, but she was right". "You only are fit to suck cock or pussy and get fucked, she was right about your mouth though - she trained you to suck pussy well didn't she". I thought back to the night where it had all started, it was during the Edinburgh festival fringe and we'd got tickets for a show where all the cast were in role reversal. The men as women and the women as men, I couldn't help myself from start to finish I had had an erection. Jillian had noticed how excited I was, but didn't say any thing till we got home. When we got home and had gone to bed, Jillian was on top of me, her favorite position "After your reactions tonite maybe I should make you wear panties" she said, I actually came there and then no movement nothing. Just her saying that was enough to make me cum, she looked down at me and even although my erection was fading she started to hump me really hard. That was actually the last time my cock was ever inside her, once she knew my secret she and she alone decided who pleased who.

Maria got off the bed, took off the jacket, blouse and trousers that she was wearing revealing a black leather bra and briefs. When she bent over to open the ruck sack I was looking at her arse, it was magnificent silky smooth and white with the black leather strap of her briefs separating each cheek. When she turned around she was holding a double ended dildo, this my other half, you're going to be on the end of it. It was bigger than anthing that had been near me being about 9" long and about 1 and a half inches in diameter. She came over to the bed and lay down beside me, sliding te leather panties down and revealing her very hairy pussy. She manovered us so that my mouth was poised over her pussy, put a hand on the back of my head and pushed my face into her luxuriant bush. My lips found her clit instantly, I sucked gently and was rewarded with her slowly pushing her mound against my face. I could tell from her breathing that she was gettiong off on this, but when she started to thrash around and was just about pulling my hair out I was getting abit panicky. However she stopped, pushed one end of the dildo into her pussy and told me to lie face down with my legs apart. I looked at the dildo, it was quite menacing but I did lie down and felt her get between my legs. There was no niceties, I squealed like a lttle girl as she rammed the dildo into me, It felt like she fucked me for an age, eventually she stopped and told me to lie on my back.

When I did she climbed on top, positioned her pussy over my face and lowered herself onto my mouth. "This is what Jillian trained you for" she said. Without any stimulation I came over the skirt I was still wearing, as I came Maria was looking into my eye's. Even though I had a mouthfull of her pussy and she was enjoying it the look on her face told me that this was only the begining, she knew all my desires and was in a position to take advantage of them.