Written by Musta55

14 Apr 2010

When we arrived at the spa Vivien took me into the second cubical, "I want you to get undressed and I'm going to massage you" she said. As I got undressed I could sense her getting aroused, while standing watching me - "Where is you bra" she said. I started to say that Maria hadn't told me to put one on and Maria picked up on this, "never mind" she said - lie on the table face down. Within a few minutes of being on the table I was just so relaxed, Vivien was working on my neck and back and had me feeling great. I could feel her hands rubbing over my neck, shoulders and back. After a little while I could feel her working at the base of my spine and her hands around my cock and balls, then the cold oil poured on my crack. As her fingers played with my balls and cock I felt her thumb at my ass, the gentle pressure as it forced it's way in. Within a couple of minutes there were a couple of fingers inside me and I was resisting and pushing my ass up to meet her hand as her fingers played with me.

I knew that I was close to cumming, but each time I almost came Vivien stopped, this went on for at least an hour. I has heard people come into the spa, but no one had said anything. "I want you to put your panties back on and a towel then go to the steam room don't you cum if you know what's good for you". I did as I was told and went to the steam room, when I got there there was only one other person in the sauna. A woman about 50, she wasn't a guest but I had seen her before. while I was in the steam room she just looked at me and smiled, I started to become more self concious - I was sitting just a couple of feet from her and it was obvious that I wore a bra as I had the tan to prove it. After a minute or two the woman got up and left, I was left on my own sitting in the room. Vivien came immediately the other woman had left. "Lie down on the bench" she said, I did as I was told and Vivien carried on with the massage. "OK, you've had enough, get up and go back to the cubical" when I got into the cubical Vivien said that Maria would be pleased with me as I hadn't slipped up.

The massage carried on and needless to say, with a couple of fingers in my ass I was close to cumming - but each time I got there Vivien stopped. As I was lying there, Noel arrived. I looked at him and he started to feel my ass, then rub his hands over my perineum, balls and cock. But his interest was obviously piqued by my being in the sauna with the woman that I knew nothing about, "He has met her" vivien said and I felt him just ram two fingers into my pussy and ask if she'd said anything. Then I could feel him climb onto the table, between my legs. I felt him pushing at my man pussy and felt him slide inside me then I felt him slowly pull out, then the push back in. After a few thrusts he started to pound my ass, then the moan, I knew he emptied his balls inside me. Noel lay on me for what seemed an age then pulled out, after he climbed off me I could see Vivien her hand obviously playing with her pussy. After Noel had had his way with me and had cleaned himself up, Vivien motioned for me to sit in the makeup chair.

I climbed on the chair and Vivien checked me over, she made me up again. But when she started to varnish my toenails I started to get a little on edge, here I was having my tonails done and Noel was watching me get hard. Vivien told him to get the bra and panties that I has worn the first time that I was in the spa, when he came back with them Vivien had me put them on. She made sure that all the straps were in the same place and used the spray tan on me again. Then she told me to lie lie on the massage table face down again, I felt her writing on my back - then a slap on my bottom brought me back to reality. "Lie on your back" Vivien said, then she started to rub her hand around my cock. As I started to get hard she started to wank me, when I started to feel as if I was about to cum she just stopped. I was really ready to cum now and knew that the slightest thing would set me off, Vivien had me stand up and go over to the makeup table again where she sat me down and checked my makeup was OK and that the nail varnish was properly dried.

Once she was happy with everything she told me to get dressed, I went back to where my clothes were and dressed. Once in the cubical I looked at my back where I had thought I felt Vivien write on me but there was nothing there. I dressed putting on the navy lace trimmed panties first, as I did so I looked in the mirror the tan around where the bra had been was really marked now. I put on the rest of my clothes, standing looking at myself in the mirror I noticed how stiking the makeup was. The lipstick was really scarlet and the eyeshadow was a bright green, I had highlighted cheek bones and eye broughs. I looked like a girl I thought and one that looked good, Vivien called Maria in reception and there was a conversation that I couldn't quite hear. "Maria says that you are to go back over to your room, she'll meet you there" Vivien said. I was a bit panicked as I had such striking makeup on, "Off you go, Noel will walk you over to the annex".

Noel came into the cubical I was dressed, but when I saw him I started to get hard. I could see Vivien looking at the small bulge in my trousers, "He's such a slut Noel, but he'd better not cum or you'll both regret it". With that we left for the annex, on the way I saw Kelly one of the waitresses run from one of the windows but no one else. I went into the annex and went up to my room, Noel had had a fumble with my nipples and may ass in the entranceway but had stayed well clear of my cock. When I got to my room Maria was already in the bed, are you ready to cum my little sissy "Yes Mistress" I said. I thought that I couldn't believe my luck, there was Maria lying in my bed she threw the covers back and was naked. She got up from the bed, I looked at her my cock rock hard - "don't you dare cum till I tell you" she said. "Now get undressed and get into the bed", I did as I was told Maria came to bed with one of her toys - it was a vibrator about 6" long with a wire comming from it and a small box on the end with with a thumb wheel. She had me turn over and pushed the business end into my by now quite sore bottom, my cock seemed to be the biggest it had ever been. "Now I'm going to make you cum in a minute, but first I'm in need of some pleasure". She guided my head to her pussy and within a couple of minutes she was writhing around, her hands were pulling my mouth onto her hairy mound. I'd been hard nearly all afternoon by now and new that I'd cum as soon as I was touched, Maria just kept my mouth right on her clit and pushing her pussy into my face.

Eventually she stopped she pushed me away and was just lying there shuddering for perhaps 20 or 30 seconds, after she reagained her composure she got up from the bed and moved me to the end of the bed where she tied my hands. "Don't worry you'll get to come soon" she said, then we have a real treat for you. I was there a for a few horny minutes no more when Vivien and Noel came in, "He's ready now" Maria said to Vivien. Vivien and Noel undressed, Maria got on the bed on all fours and Vivien came into view with the black latex panties with the cock on them. It was strange to look at especially as it just dissapeared into her pussy, I felt Noel rubbing his hands on my butt and heard his breathing quicken. He was just doing enough to keep me really hard, but not enough to make me cum. Vivien stopped fucking Maria and turned to me, she cupped her hands around my cock and nodded at Noel. I immediately felt the insistent buzz of the vibrator and came into Viviens cupped hands, more cum than I'd ever released before. Maria lay on her back, legs really wide and Vivien pushed the cum into Maria's pussy then rammed the black cock in on top of it. I felt the vibrator being removed and Noel's cock replace it, he just started to pound in and out of me and I felt his cock spasm as he came quickly. Maria was still lying on the bed and Noel had moved away from me, but Vivien was lying looking at me.

After a moment or two she got up off the bed and came round behind me, she started to push the juice covered black cock at my rear and it just slid in. She fucked me for a while and was obviously getting off on it, her hands reached round and she started to grab my nipples pulling hard and said "I can't wait to see you with tits". I nearly came again. Noel likes boys with tits so there is a good chance that you'll get to know each other better, he's never going to fuck me again but he's got you now. I was watching Maria, she had an other toy and was fucking herself with it. "Now I want you showered and dressed in just the leggings and top the Maria gave you, then we are going to Helensburgh to do some shopping".