Written by Musta55

16 Apr 2010

The lycra leggings and top were almost see through if I stretched, so under them I wore a pair of black cotton briefs. You could see them through the leggings when I was bent over but I looked reasonably respectable when I stood up, I walked down to the car park and got in the back of the car with Noel. He was rubbing my thigh and groin the whole 12 miles to Helensburgh.

When we got to the town we parked up and Maria and Vivien left myself and Noel, Noel took me along the road and we stood looking in a lingerie shop window for a minute and then entered. I nearly bolted, behind the counter was the woman who had been in the sauna at lunch time. There was no one else in the shop and she walked to the door put up the closed sign and dropped the latch on the lock, "we won't be disturbed now, go into the back" she said.

"Aren't you going to introduce us Noel" she said, as we walked into the back shop. He introduced us "Susan this is Paul, Paul this is Susan my sister". "Hello Paul, I have been told that you like to dress as a girl. Don't worry about it Noel used to dress up to, but he likes to dress others now". When we entered the stock room at the back of the shop I could see that it was at least twice as big as the shop, Susan said that she new my size as she'd had a look through my things in the annex room.

"Noel is going to pick out some things for you to dress in and take you to dinner", I said I couldn't go out dressed and would have walked out but Noel just grabbed my arms. Susan produced a pair of dressmakers scissors and cut through the leggings and my panties down the seam on each side all the way to the knees, "OK off you go then - I'm sure you'll get a lift from someone". Noel released me, slapped my bottom and said "well are you leaving, if you're still on the road back I'll pick you up after dinner".

I knew that I had no option, I said "you know I can't walk back". Susan looked at me, "I know, Maria told me how your wife told her that you wore lingerie and that she'd found out about you and dishy Michael", "When she told Vivien and me we had to see just how much of a sissy you were. The day that you just undressed when Maria told you to, is the day you became our sissy". Susan stood looking at me, things had happened so quick that I'd not thought about how they'd happened.

Susan pushed me onto a cold seat and removed what was left of the leggings, she pulled the top over my head and looked at the tan or lack of it. She moved back "Stand up and turn around", I did as I was told. "You're right about the gaffe, he doesn't need one". They went over to the back area of the store and laid things out, Susan came over with a box and some other things she opened the box and showed me the contents, "what do you think?" I could only stare at the contents. She pulled out what was obviously a rubber breast, "I'll put them on for you" she said.

She opened a wipe and wiped my chest area down, then applied three v shaped pieces of tape to the breast and positioned it on my chest as she let go I couldn't get over how heavy it was. She quickly positioned the other one and I had a C cup chest, she checked everything was ok and asked Noel if every thing was ready. He came over with a huge grin on his face, "Oh yes every thing is ready". The bulge in his trousers told me that this was a huge turn on for him and my cock started to rise, "OK over you go to the mirror and get dressed".

As I walked over to the mirror I could feel the breasts pulling down with each step and my cock getting harder with each step, I looked in the mirror and could see myself with breasts I nearly came just watching the breasts bouncing as I walked. Noel had laid out lingerie and clothes, "Now you just do as we tell you, start by putting the suspender belt on and then the stockings". I put the grey suspender belt on and pulled the matching stockings on attaching them to the suspenders, "you should turn round and face us I want to see you play with your tits" Noel said.

I turned around and did as I was told, the breasts had quite realistic nipples on them which I fondled. Susan was looking at me, "Let me see you wank". I started to play with my cock, gently wanking trying to control myself but it was useless I came in a few seconds. Susan told me where the tissues were and I cleaned myself up, she told me to put the panties on they were grey see through with grey lacey trim. "Now the bra, put it on and let us see you look like the sissy you are". I put the bra on the nipples were visible through the material, I adjusted the straps and turned round to face them as I did I ran my hands over my new breasts.

"OK come over here and sit down, we have to try some shoes on". I walked over to the chair where I had sat before and Susan produced pair of grey court shoes, they were a size 7 and 1/2 and were a little big. She looked a bit puzzled, "I checked his size" she said looking at Noel. She went to a stack of boxes and came back with a size 7 which was a good fit, "well that was easy", she said. As I sat in the chair Noel came up behind me and reached over my shoulders to cup the breasts, I could feel his cock through his trousers as he pressed it against the back of my neck.

Susan had me walk around for a minute in the shoes, then take them off when she was happy I could walk in them. She sent me back to the mirror and had me put on the dress that Noel had picked, it was the same grey as the lingerie that I was wearing. The dress was short finishing about six inches above my knees. with a roll neck and sleeves it certainly showed the breasts off well. "Now put the shoes on", I put the shoes on and looked at myself from the neck down I looked like a real girl. This was how I was standing when the door bell rang, I looked at them both and Susan said that it would be Maria and Vivien.

When they came into the room Susan called me over, my new breasts were squeezed and my skirt was pulled up by them both. Well we've got the finishing touches out of the car, Vivien produced the makeup from her bag and made me up just as before. Susan produced a red wig and had me take it to the mirror and put it on, telling me how to adjust it and give it a light brush to make it look good. With that the girls left and Noel told me to turn round and get on my knees, he walked over and stood just inches from me his cock bulging. He just unzipped and presented me with his cock, I was so eager that I had him fucking my face in no time.

Noel took longer to cum this time, he was making me gag as he pushed down my throat with his cock and when he came I swallowed it all. I was sent back to the mirror to touch up the lipstick, after I'd done that we left Susan and headed for a little local restaurant. The conversation in the restaurant was hushed, Noel had whispered several times that he loved the look while running his hand up the inside of my thigh. "I can't wait to get you back to the hotel, I'm going to have so much fun".