Written by Musta55

24 May 2010

Noel spent the remainder of the night telling me about the things that had happened to him after Vivien had stopped having any relations with him. He told me about Maria arriving at the hotel and how she got involved with Vivien, how he was gradually cucked by a woman. I found it all an incredible turn on and when he left in the early hours of the morning, I just had to have an other wank.

After I had removed the makeup, the wig and the breasts I went to bed. In the morning when I went down for breakfast, there was only the cook, Kelly and Michael there. Once Kelly and the cook had left, Micheal was asking all sorts of questions. Mainly what was going on, had Maria said anything to me was one of the main questions. When I told him that nothing had been said he seemed to relax a little, though he was quite insistent on finding out what I was supposed to be doing for the rest of the day.

I told him that I'd been out for a meal with Maria, Vivien and Noel, where we’d gone but not that I had been dressed as a girl. He seemed quite interested, then started to want to know why I'd been moved to the annex. I told him that I was getting the rooms, the old bar and disco ready for the start of the season, he kind of lost interest when I told him the reason I was there. When I went back over to the annex after breakfast, both Maria and Vivien were there. They had seen me with Michael and wanted to know almost word for word what he'd said.

They started me on my work for the day, both Maria and Vivien were having fun humiliting me. I had worked out that Maria was the dominant partner and she was enjoying having me as a sub, she was quite intimidating at times and was really getting off on telling me what she was going to do with me. But the thing that really sent a shiver down my spine was when she said that I would be her sissy for as long as she wanted, just like Noel was. She obviously saw the expression on my face and just smiled, saying "you're already in to deep".

"You're mine and Vivien’s for as long as we want, you'll do what we tell you when we tell you and if you think that you can change your mind then you'd best talk to Noel". I didn't really think too much about it when she said it, after all I was dressed in male attire. However when I mentioned it to Noel later he just smiled and said that I should think about the video from Susan’s shop, as there was much more stuff that was quite incriminating. I asked Noel what was so incriminating and his response was that if I argued I'd find out, I shrugged off the comment but regretted it later.

At the end of the day Maria and Vivien just seemed to appear, "time for you to get dressed" Maria said. In no time at all I had my breasts affixed and the bra, stockings and suspenders on finished off with a pair of lacy panties. "Now we think that you should go over to the bar and serve there for a while" Maria said to me, "You can wear your normal clothes or the dress that you were wearing in the restaurant". Vivien said. I chose the normal clothes, with the waist coat on you couldn't really see that I had breasts there was a small degree of dissapointment as I didn't think that they looked too bad. I headed for the bar anyway, as I walked over to the bar I was a little nervous.

I hesitated before going into the bar, but did go in - there were only staff there which was a blessing. The evening passed off without significant comment and as a bonus there was no one there that had recognized I was wearing lingerie or had breasts, or so I thought. While I was in the stock room Michael came in, he came up behind me and his hands were all over me - when he found my breasts he just grabbed the lapels of my waist coat and pulled it open. I pushed him away in a panic, I manage to cover myself up and return to the bar but Michael was right there beside me "I'll be seeing you later" he said.

I tried to put him off by telling him that Vivien and Maria were watching, but there was no chance of success as I found out later. As the bar was empty of guests, things quickly got out of hand. Maria had noticed that I was having problems with my top, as my bra was visible unless I made an effort to hide it. I saw her talk to Noel, then Noel came to the bar. He said in quite a loud voice, "You all know Paul here, well he wants’ to be called Pauline from now on". "Paul, show the people here what you like to wear". I just stood in the bar open mouthed, I was shocked especially as all eyes were on me.

The first person to do anything was Kelly, she was only just eighteen and allowed to serve in the bar. She came over to me and put her arm round my shoulders, she said she had seen me dressed and that she thought I looked good. Noel was just beside himself, I could see the hardon that he had, "Take your waist coat off" he said, I did as I was told and you could almost hear the staff breath in when they had a clear view of my now free breasts. "Off you go to your room Pauline" Noel said, I left the bar and returned to the annex. After a short while Noel came to my room, I had kind of got over the surprise of being outed - but wasn't ready for what followed.

"You know that it was Maria that told me to say those things and that they are all in the bar talking about it, things are likely to be a bit more difficult now". "Still you'll be able to dress when we tell you to, won't you". I was still a little shocked about what had happened in the bar as I'd thought that I'd still have some degree of control over who was told about me. But now every member of staff that had been in the bar had seen me, they had seen how when I had removed the waist coat the breasts had just sprung up and the bra that I was wearing was clearly visible. I thought that some of the female staff would be awkward, also that some of the male staff would maybe not take to kindly to me wearing lingerie.

Noel stepped in front of me and pulled me to him, I could feel his hard cock pusshing against me. He put his hand against the small of my back and pulled me to him, our lips met and I felt him forcing his tongue into my mouth. His free hand was rubbing my cock, I felt him pulling my zip down and then his hand was in side my panties. My cock was hard and Noel unclipped the fastners on my tousers, he took my hand and put it on his cock then he pushed me to my knees. As I took his cock into my mouth I felt his hands go to the back of my head and he started to slowly fuck my face. After a few minutes he stopped me and lay me face down on the bed, I felt him climb between my legs then I felt the insistant pressure on my sphincter then he was fucking my arse.

After a few minutes I could feel Noel getting ready to pump his cum into me, my own small cock was rock hard in anticipation. Then I felt him cumming and I came within seconds, we just lay there Noels cock twitching in my arse whenever either of us moved. After a little while Noel climbed off me, cleaned up and left. Within a few minutes Michael was in my room, I hadn't removed any of the lingerie and still had the breasts affixed. "I knew you had these on as soon as I saw you his hand were on my breasts in a second, before I fully realised what was happening I was face down on the bed again being fucked by Michael. He was realy going for it and in just a couple of minutes he was emptying his balls into me, after he had finished he just left me and I felt like a tart.

I cleaned myself up and got into bed although a bit sore I did manage to sleep, I was awakened by Vivien knocking on the door. I put on a dressing gown but before I got to the door she had let herself in with her pass key, "this isn't a good start to the day, is it?" she said. She pulled the dressing gown open and looked at my small cock, "I have a present for you" she said with a smile. "It was hard to get one small enough for that little cock, but Susan got it for us". "So get yourself over to Maria's office, were going to give you your present" with that she left. I put on panties, a suspender belt and stockings and headed for Maria's office - I was going over the possibilities in my head and wondering just what my present was.