Written by Musta55

6 Jul 2010

Sorry about the length of time it has taken to do this next part of the story, but I have had some other duties to attend to!

When I got to Maria's office, Susan, Vivien and Maria were all there. Susan had several bags containing lingerie and female clothes, "these are for you" she said. "Every thing has been picked for you by Maria and Vivien, later this morning we're going to have a fashion show over in the annex and I'll be your dresser and makeup person". My little cock was twitching already, how good could this get I thought to myself. Vivien poured me a glass of fizzy wine and handed it to me, "Today you're not working, you're to enjoy your time as the center of attraction". I drank the wine and the glass was refilled, "Now drink that and go over to the disco with Susan, you can get ready in the Ladies".

I drank the fizzy and we set off to the annex, not seeing any one on the way. When we got into the Ladies, Susan told me to go up stairs and get my breasts. When I came back down there was all kinds of ingerie and several skirts and tops along with a number of dresses laid out. Noel was there as well he'd brought two boxes, from the first he produced some flutes and some more of the fizzy wine he filled three flutes and handed one to me. "Now lets get you ready for your debut show" Susan said Noel went out and came back with one of the bar stools, Susan told me to get undressed and she then used the tapes to apply my breasts, I was standing there with a hardon just looking at myself. "Now sit on the stool facing the mirror", she said.

Susan was very good, she quickly put on a foundation then some blusher and she then applied a golden coloured eye shadow with a light pink lip gloss. Susan picked out a Strawberry Blonde wig and then she gave be a backless dress in yellow, there were folds that hung almost to the waist from the top of the sleeves with only a thin tie to keep the back together she handed me a pair of sling backed shoes in a matching yellow and then had me go out of the ladies. Maria and Vivien were sitting on seats beside the disco floor, they had me walk round the floor in each direction then sent me back to the ladies. Susan undressed me, as she cleaned the makeup off she handed me an other glass of the fizzy wine. "Quickly" she said pushing the drink at me, "I'll need to get you into your next outfit".

The next couple of hours was a bit of a blur, I don't remember too much of it. I woke in the evening in my room, feeling awful I remembered snatches of dressing, drinking, sucking cock and being fucked but wasn't sure of much more. When I went to the toilet I felt the metal ring round my cock, I looked at it - it was about an inch in length with a small padlock on top. When I tried to slide it off my cock I actually cried out, the pain was excruciating. When I looked closely at it, there were sharp teeth about an eigth of an inch long all in contact with my cock. It was obvious that there was no way that it would slide up or down my cock and that there was no way that I could remove it without a key. I showered trying to use soap to remove it but it wouldn't move so I got dressed heading for Maria's office, when I arrived Maria, Vivien and Susan were there.

"Ah, here is our sissy, do you like your present?" Maria said with a huge grin on her face. "I want you to take it off, it's not funny" I said. All three of them burst out laughing, "Take it off yourself, if you can. It's there to make sure you do as your told and that you don't play with your pathetic little dick anymore" Maria said. "It's called Kali's Bracelett and it's staying there until we decide to take it off". I was almost in tears, I knew that I couldn't remove it without realy hurting myself. Maria could tell I was having second thoughts about the whole thing, "Sit down and watch this" she said putting on the video and TV. They had the whole of the morning on tape, it ended with me being spit roasted. There I was sucking Noels cock while Maria was giving me a good fucking, I was wearing stockings and a basque with hih heels - no makeup or wig.

I watched the end of the video and although obviously drunk, I heard myself begging to be forced to dress as a girl full time. I looked at them and could tell from the expressions on the three faces looking back at me that my fate was sealed, "The present that we put on your little cock will ensure that you do as you're told", it already had as I felt my cock small as it was getting hard - I felt it bitting into my cock. The expression on my face must have told them I was in some discomfort, Vivien came over to me and kissed me full on. "If you're man enough you can fuck any one of us, or all of us if you want". She took my hand and put it on her pussy, she pushed herself against me - "we want to be fucked. If you want you can fuck any of us any time, none of us are using any form of birth control - but the bracelet stays on for now".

I couldn't believe it, here I was horny as hell, but every time I started to get a hardon the pain caused my cock to wilt and there was nothing I could do about it. The bracelet started to hurt and my cock wouldn't get hard, Vivien just smiled and rubbed me between the legs. "You don't seem so ready to wank now my little sissy, whats the matter can't get it up?" With that all three of them were in fits of laughter, "I think we should have a sweep on how long he'll last before he begs us to take it off". Vivien said. "I think that he'll do aything we tell him to in just a few days", Noel came into the room with a huge smile on his face. "Time for you to get dressed you've got a busy evening ahead of you, Oh and you'd better thank Susan for your present". I protested and was told that I could leave at any time, but I'd be wearing the bracelett.