Written by Musta55

10 Feb 2011

Had I eaten pussy? Yes I answered, all three of them seemed to take that one in. Would the bracelett come off, when I answered no - they seemed to become a little more comfortable. We were all distracted by Viviens voice from down stairs in the annex, she arrived to find me naked in the company of three girls. The next ten minutes were quite uncomfortable as Vivien told them how much of a sissy I was, then told them that if they came back in the late afternoon they would see me begging to be spanked. I looked at her, she just smiled at me and told Kelly and her two fiends to go back over to the main hotel. After they had left, Vivien stood watching me for a few minutes. Then she started me back on the cleaning after telling me to put the track suit back on, "are you horny at the thought of those three youg girls watching you get spanked?" she asked. From my reaction she already knew that I was, but the barcelett ensured that watever she wanted I would do!

The afternoon passed and I had cleaned two more of the rooms in the Annex, I was still cleaning just before the evening meal was served in the hotel - normally all hands were turned to. But Kelly turned up along with Maria, Vivien. Maria and Viviene put on a show for Kelly, with me as the entertainment. Vivien had a arrived in a longer than normal skirt, she started by sitting on the armchair in the room and telling me to get on my knees. As I moved into position and started licking her pussy, she had covered my head and shoulders with the skirt. I could hear Maria and Kelly talking, but not what they were saying. Vivien's orgasm was very forcefull and she actually squirted, this was the first time that that had happened to me and I was quite surprised. Vivien held the back of my head though the skirt and I knew that I had to just continue licking her pussy. After a second Orgasm followed quickly behind the first, I was released by Vivien. As I moved away from Vivien's pussy, my hair was grabbed by Maria and I was pulled to a standing position.

Once I was standing, Maria pulled the track suit bottoms down and told me to take off my top. When I had divested myself of the top and with the bottoms around my ankles, Maria told Kelly that as long as I had my cock restrained I'd do as I was told. "Do you want to check her out?", "if you are sure I'll put you in charge of her work tomorrow!" I could see Kelly looking at my cock in the bracelett. The expression on her face said that I'd be working with her in the morning, up to now she had seemed to be such a timmid thing - however I thought that that might change. Then Maria told me to tell the story of my divorce and how I'd preffered panties to pussy, this was followed by Maria explaining that I'd been fucked by both Michael and Noel and a Hotel guest and the people that Susan had organised. How I'd asked them to pierce my ears and navel and would probably want more piercings if I was steered in the proper direction. Maria also told Kelly that I was a real slut, which was why they had locked my cock up.

When Kelly said that she'd like to have me working with her the next day, I had immediate visions of having an 18 year old wanting too fuck me - I can tell you that I quickly forgot that as the bracelett bit into my miniscule cock. When she asked Maria about the bracelett, Marias responce was that I'd never be released from it, so wouldn't have an orgasm allowed - ever. Kelly looked as though she was pleased with what Maria had said, but didn't really give too much away. Maria interupted the moment, further by telling Kelly that I loved to be spanked. As Maria sat down she pulled me over her knees and peeled my panties down, now you have to ask me to spank you she said. "Please Mistress - spank me" I said once I was over her knees." "Now that's not how you ask to be spanked, ask properly." " Plead to be spanked and plead to be spanked hard.

"Please Mistress Spank me?" Maria immediately rained down blows on my buttocks, All the time I could see Kelly - sometimes uncomfortable other times facinated. "Please Mistress Spank me harder?", Maria carried on spanking me till I was sobbing. My bottom and thighs were on fire and my poor little cock was hurting, Maria stopped, she was panting and then she just stood up I fell off her knees and lay at her feet still sobbing. "That is how you keep her in line Kelly, don't take any cheek from her. Now I want you to take charge of cleaning the Annex tomorrow Kelly and Paula here will be working under your supervision, there are still the rooms on the top floor to do. Off you go Kelly and be over at the Annex at eight thirty." With that Kelly left and I was alone with Maria and Vivien, Vivien having recovered from her orgasms told me to get back between her thighs. Again the skirt was over my head and shoulders, this time while I had her clit in my mouth I felt Maria positioning herself behind me and then the insistent push and sudden violation as she began to fuck me with a strapon.

When they had finished with me, I was told to put my clothes back on and go to reception and wait for Susan to collect me. Thankfully Susan was already thre waiting for me and I just had to walk through reception and out into the waiting car. It only took 15 minutes to get back to the shop. Susan made me shower and took me to her bedroom, dressing me in a pink babydoll and matching panties she took me to bed.