Written by Timmy

30 Jan 2009

Back on the road not a lot was said,I wondered if he was disappointed.We had driven for about an hour when he said,won,t your parents be expecting you home.They,re away I holidays,I said,that was true.How old are you he asked,18 I lied (I am 23).He looked at me and smiled,you,re a nice young man,he said his hand moving up and down my thigh,it felt good.Did you enjoy it he asked,I knew what he meant,yes I replied,you have a really nice body he almost whispered looking in my eyes,his fingers moving inside my shorts.

We reached his house,large and detatched.It was really nice inside,make yourself at home,he said ,I,m going for a shower you can have one then,he went upstairs.He was,nt long,I,m finished he shouted,come on up.He was standing at the top of the stairs naked,leave your gear in the bedroom,I,ll put them in the washer and spin dry them,it won,t take long.I felt really nervous,he seemed completely relaxed,he did,nt have an erection,nevertheless his cock was big.Come on he said,no need to be shy.I undressed,he took my clothes from my hand,yes you,re a lovely young man,he said looking me up and down.

My cock felt so small compared to his,he had thick pubic hair,I am litterally hairless,my body is still very smooth.I,ll show you how the shower works,he walked towards the bathroom,I followed.He turned the shower on,want to check it he asked,he touched against me,I trembled,he laughed.Want me to wash you,I,m OK I said my voice shaking.I did,nt want it to happen but in the shower I got an erection,the more I wanted it to go down the harder it felt.He came in with a towel,I could,nt hide,I felt embarrassed.He looked at it a big smile on his face.His cock started to move,slowly rising upwards,let me dry you he said.

He switched the water off,I stepped out of the shower,his cock was standing straight up.He started drying my back,I was trembling all over,as he dried between my cheeks I wanted to hold my cock but resisted.He turned me around,I could see his cock throbbing,it was almost at my chest height.He knelt in front of me and slowly dried down my body,you,re lovely he said as he dried my cock,he pushed my foreskin back and squeesed gently with the towel,he caressed my balls as he dried them,then down between my legs.He stood up,right he said lets get something to eat,I,ve put the washer on,I had no clothes.He headed downstairs,I followed him.

His cock went down as he prepared food,he was completely relaxed,we were both naked,I was glad when mine went down.We sat on the sofa eating,when we,d finished he took the plates to the kitchen.It was noticable when he returned his cock was rising,he sat beside me and put his arm around me,his hand went on my chest,his fingers gently touching my soft nipples then moving down feeling over my hairless pubic area.My cock had responded to his touching,it was standing straight up,his was massive between his legs.

With very slow strokes he moved his fingers up and down my cock rubbing my precum into the head.He took my hand and squeesed it tightly around his,then with the same slow strokes moved it up and down,his cock felt huge.Without warning he leaned forward and his lips were on mine,his breathing was fast.I felt his tongue against my lips,I opened my mouth it slipped in,his hand between my legs was holding everything I had,I could feel myself throbbing in his palm,I was wanking him unaided.Taking his tongue from my mouth,lets go to bed he whispered.He stood up and took my hands,lifting me from the sofa,the head of his cock glistened with precum.

He guided me to the bedroom,the bed was big and soft.I lay on my back,he lay beside me balanced on his elbow,he touched every part of my body with his fingers.Without thinking I reached for his cock and started wanking him,thanks he whispered,he was moaning softly.Without taking his cock from my hand he moved his head down my body,I felt the heat of his breath on my cock,then his tongue lick my precum away,my whole body said I wanted to come,I was just holding on.His mouth opened and took my cock in gently closing around it.My hips started to move up and down,pushing my cock in and out of his mouth,then there was no holding on,I felt the heat of my own cum in his mouth.His hips were jerking wildly,I held onto his cock as I watched it spurt cum all over my chest.Considering we,d both come earlier we had filled up again.I was in heaven,he was gently licking my cock,I was holding his as it subsided,he lay beside me his coc k down. I held it as we drifted off to sleep.