Written by wheelybin

18 May 2012

Last summer on one of those very hot sunny days I was looking out of my bedroom window when I noticed a short, very skinny man of around 50 or so working on the next door roof. He had no top on and just some very short flabby shorts. I could see right up his legs to his balls. He had no underpants on and I soon started to get very randy watching him. I was thinking how nice it would be to suck those balls and his cock too. I decided that if he were like me I could get him interested. I stripped off naked and put on the sexiest briefs I could find. They just about covered my stiff cock and only came half way down to the middle of my arse crack. If he were bent he would have to get a hard on looking at that lot.

With only these briefs and nothing else on I went out to my garden where he could see me clearly and just strode up and down for a while and then sat in a deck chair facing him with my legs wide apart and pretended to close my eyes. I was actually watching him to see if there was going to be a reaction or not. At first he carried on working and I thought I was onto a dead un. But soon I noticed he kept looking up from what he was doing and he was looking at me. So I started to move my arse around so he would get the idea I was coming on to him. Then I saw him put his hand down to his pants around his cock. Fantastic, I thought. Let's go for it. I got up (by now I had a huge hard on that he could clearly see) and walked over to the fence and said to him "It must be hot up there isn't it?" "Yes" he said "I'm hot alright". I said to him "If you're thirsty do you fancy coming down for a bit" "Thanks" he said and started to come down to my side of the fence. When he got down onto the ground and turned round I was thrilled to see he not only had a huge hard on but his cock was enormous.

We went into the kitchen and he stood at the very narrow entrance to the hall. I got him out a cold beer and gave it to him and he said "Shall we go into the lounge" "Yes" I said and he said to me "After you then" That meant I had to squeeze past him with his huge hard on. I couldn't decide if I should pass him face to face or with my back to him. It would be a very tight squeeze. I decided to pass him face to face. As I got level with him I could feel his hard prick pushing against me and I was pushing mine against him. I nearly shot my spunk there and then. I pretended I could not get past him and started to move around a lot when he said to me "Why don't you turn around". I slowly turned around and I could feel him pushing himself onto me as hard as he could. It was so sexy I felt my pre cum all over my briefs. He was getting really worked up and so I said to him "Why dont you just rip those shorts off". I felt his hands moving about as he did just that and at the same time I was slipping my briefs down below my waist. Once his shorts were off I could feel is dripping wet cock pushing against the cheeks of my arse.

"Turn around again" he said. I did and he immediately started to fuck my cock. He was pushing his cock against mine and between my legs like a madman. Then he put his hand on my head and started to push me down to my knees. His cock was level with my mouth, I opened it and he shoved his huge cock straight to the back of my throat gagging me as he did. He held it there for a while and then started to fuck my mouth like he was fucking my arse. He did this only for a short while when I noticed he was panting and fucking my mouth much faster. I could taste his pre cum and I knew he was going to shoot his spunk down my throat. Soon he shoved his cock much further down my mouth and suddenly I felt the first burst of his spunk. It shot right to the back of my mouth and started to go down my throat. He was shooting spunk after spunk into my mouth now and I was trying to swallow it all, but there was too much and it was too heavy. Soon it was coming out of my lips and down my chin, but he kept on shooting and shooting spunk into me. I thought this guy would never finish but eventually after what seemed ages he slowly started to shoot less and less spunk into me. When he had finsihed he pulled his cock out of my mouth, put his shorts back on and without a word went out of the house and back to work on the roof.

I watched him for awhile and then after wanking myself silly gave up and went to sleep. When I woke up he was gone and I've never seen him since. If that was you mate, get in touch. I'd love to do it all again.