Written by Anonymous

30 Apr 2019

A few years back me and a grilfriend dabbled in the swinging scene of meeting other couples. Our rukes were quite clear , couples only, female bi male straight etc etc so we started to look around on sites .Went thru the usual palava of arranging meets then nothing happening and it was getting a bit frustrating

Finally we started chatting with this Polish couple Tomaz and Maz . They were real responsive and after the women checked each other out ( phone calls ) we were happy and confident something would happen

The girls arranged a meet place in hotel and we booked a room ahead and they sent half via bank. It was on!!!!

On the day of the meet ( 6pm) I was heading to pick up my partner and arrived at her house around 4pm but when she opend the door i knew she wasnt coming . She was full of flu and generally out of it

I tild her not to worry and I would phone Marzena and cancel and reschedule . I got back into my car and called to explain what had happened and she told me that Tomaz was already there to meet us to say that SHE wasnt coming either as she was also sick

Bloody hell!!! She gave me his mobile and i called but no answer I would have to go there and meet him

I had seen his pic before the meet so knew what he looked like . A bit like the footballer Edison Cavani with the long black hair and very good body and was thinking how much my partner would have enjoyed him, her and the night .

I on the other hand do not have a footballers body and quite stocky so we knew what we looked like

I arrived, parked, and went thru the foyer into the bar and saw Tomaz

He saw me and waved and I joined him . We introduced ourselves and started to apologise to each other regarding the ladies and how these things happen bla bla .

I told him i would cancel the room and give him his money . But there was no cancellation policy for beinc cancelled 24 hours ahead so the room could not be refunded . I went back and explained but hew was cool about it

" No problem We have drink and I will stay over and pay you for whole room" he said

" No way .Im happy to go half as you have come a distance .No problem " I replied

So We decided to have some drinks which was ok as I could leave my car and cab hime as i lived local

We chatted away and found out quite a bit and he was happily telling me about his bisexual side which i found intersting , and to be honest, a bit horny

"hours in he said " Why dont we go look at room we never used ?" with a big smile .Now I should have said Why but i replied " yeah lets " I was a bit merry after the vodkas so off we went, with drinks to look .

The room was at the back off the hotel and we opened up and went in . It was standard hotel room but did have a large bed as requested . Tomaz on the bed and looked wistfully " Could have been fun night yes?" I nodded as if to say Yes but what can you do ?

" Perhaps still have fun?" he smiled

" I dont really want to get some women in to be honest " i answered thinking thats what he meant

" not women .Us!" ..... Now. I had had a couple of guy flings in my teens but nothing since becoming an adult and was convinced i never wanted to or ever would . But here i am . Without a word i slipped my jeans down and my very erect cock sprang out . " This what u mean?" i gasped

He leant forward and clasped it in his hands then began running the tip of his tongue on the end .Slowly making circles then took the length and began sucking very hard while stroking my balls . JESUS!! Im going to come already i thought but managed self control and pulled his head onto my cock , making him gag a little, which was really horny

He had done this before and was moaning and with one hand taking his shirt off and undoing his belt and trousers

I stepped out of my trousers but left the tshirt on . I pulled my cock from his mouth and ushed him to stand up . He took my cock in his hand and i did the same to him and we started kissing and pulling each other .His kept growing in my hand and i reckoned it must be around 9" long and thick . I pushed him onto the bed and lowered my mouth onto his cock and began to return the favour . This was fantatsic and i had him groaning . I swivelled around so that we were in the 69 position and carried on mutally sucking each other this way . I climbed off and he made it clear he wanted to fuck me and had protection so I nodded . I was on all fours and he got behind me and started to lick my arsehole and spit into it . I felt him pull the cheeks apart then the tip in me. He was a big guy and was very slow and deft in his action. Jesus again!! i could feel this stretching me and it was painful but beautiful . He began to pump into me much quicker and i knew he was going to cum. Suddenly he arched and groaned and shot into the condom in me breathing heavily . He rolled away on his back but i was not done yet . As he lay there eyes closed groaning i began to wank myself over his face and then into his greedy mouth " yes yes Come in my mouth " he begged . I pulled harder and harder and inserted the end in his mouth whilst continuing to pull . His head bobbed in time with me fucking his mouth and soon i could feel i was going to shoot . I stared to pant and then felt the exposion and looked down to see this greedy Pole sucking my cock and taking every drop .This obviously had a renewing effect on tomaz as 5 mins later he was doing the same to me and i was fingering his arse at the same time .Again he arched and i felt the salty hot fluid shoot into my mouth and around my face .


We got in the shower together and lathered up and played with each other and cleaned up . We dressed and left and went back to the bar.

The next day i phoned my partner . " Were they ok about the cancellation ?" she asked

" I managed to sort it with him so no problems " i replied

I carried on seeing Tomaz for a year and he introduced me to another friend of his so we had quite a fun time together

Now Im married and settled but the old glint is still there so ....Who knows?