Written by Kyle

24 May 2012

Youre not alone Anton,like you I hid mine for years,had the piss taken at school.I thought things got worse when by the time I was 18 three years ago I hadnt only become a loner but started to get girls undies from the internet and would wear them while wanking myself off.Its alright for other guys on here to say the size of your cock dosent matter but when you stand there in front of the mirror and see a completely hairless body,and I know that a lot of guys shave off their pubic hair these days but when youve never had any and like Anton you have a cock so small that you wank yourself off just using fingers,mine dosent even measure two inches when I get it as hard as possible,when not hard the whole lot fits easily into size 10 girls pants.

All that said I do enjoy a fabulous sex life with a very understanding 64 year old man,we met in a local park,Id seen him in the park before,I used to spend a bit of time there to be on my own.I think I knew he was after sex and when he sat beside me one day on a bench, it was hot and I was wearing shorts,underneath I was wearing girls little briefs.He said like he had been divorced for several years and some how it got around to him telling me that his ex wife discovered female undies in his garden shed and there was also pictures of young men in various stages of undress and in different sexual poses,including weraing girls undies,as he said himself the shit hit the fan.

Hed moved away from where he lived because she had told their friends and though hed regretted it all he still liked having sex in public toilets with young men in girls undies.I know I was a bit slow but it eventually occurred to me that he was assuming that I was gay and was in the park looking for sex,funny it wasnt something that Id thought about,but as he talked he made it all seem normal.

Listening to him I found I was getting a hard on,small but hard.I also realised that every so often he looked at the front of my shorts.He started to say how good looking I was and what a nice toned body I had,he said he was once like that but now he had started to get wrinkles. He asked me to join him for a drink,Im not a drinker but I went with him,it was later he told me hed put a double vodka in my lemonade,anyway it did the trick,because as the conversation got morre about sex I ended up telling him that Id never had sex with somebody else.He said he found it hard to imagine a good looking lad like me had never had sex.He asked me how often I wanked,he got me another (lemonade).

I can recall telling him that I wanked every day,I had no idea how often other men wanked,in fact I usually only wanked a couple of times a week.He said that when he was my age he would do it every day but now it was about every two weeks.

He was sitting opposite me but he moved and came and sat beside me,I felt his hand goo between my legs,I felt myself start to shake,its ok he said its ok.I knew he was undoing the tie on my shorts and even though we were sitting in a public bar,there was only a couple sitting a distance from us and were involved in each other.

His fingers moved down inside the front of my shorts,at that moment it didnt occur to me about my phobia about the size of my cock.He looked at me and smiled when he touched the lace on my undies,he knew,his fingers moved inside them and he first strange fingers touched my small hard cock.

I heard him take a deep breath and then whisper to himself,,fucking hell,,then quickly before I had time to think ,,fucking beautiful,, then ,,oh my fuck that is fucking beautiful,,his fingers continue to explore moving between my legs to gently hold my balls.

Come to my place he said,I want to see you,I want to take these shorts off and see your beautiful body,all of it.With the obvious help of the vodka all my silly inhibitions had gone,within half an hour we were both completely naked,he isnt as wrinkly as he said,his cock is three times the size of mine,he has an amasing set of low hanging balls,again one of then is bigger than both of mine,he has a lot of hair but drools over my completely hairless body,there isnt a bit of it that his fingers havent explored.

In could never in my wildest dreams have imagined what it is like to suck another mans cock or to have mine gently and slowly sucked.Enjoy it Anton.