Written by R.A.Haisen

29 Sep 2008

I have always had a special feeling towards old men, particularly retired or senior gentlemen. Why is that, you may ask, particularly given that I am only 20? They have always seemed more kind, mature, experienced, and calm and very much in control of themselves. Initially it was simply an innocent admiration that I had towards them, however, my nextdoor neighbour over time caused this feeling to evolve into something completely different. The proper description of this evolution would require me to write a novel about, but in this piece I will cut it down to some of the bare highlights only.

There used to live an old man next door, in his early 60s, who was a charming old chap. He will normally smile at everyone and be polite all the time. He lived completely alone, and often found it difficult to complete some of his daily chores, from tidying things up, washing up, to ironing and gardening. Being his neighbour, I mother would tell me to go and help him out with some of these things. Therefore, I began a weekly schedule where I would spend every sunday morning at his house, helping him with some ironing and also assisting with his gardening, etc. Again, although he appeared to be old and weak, he was actually a man of many talents. He only needed assistance with basic chores so that he could have extra time to spend doing things more exciting and purposeful. One such talent was that he was a very good cook. As my reward for helping him out, he would usually keep me in his house till lunchtime so that we can dine together. He had a bit of a stocky build, clean shaven, and had the look of a considerate man but his blue eyes gave him a sense of darkness, dominance and manliness. His voice was very deep and powerful, and yet very soothing to the ear. When talking to me usually, he tends to sit or stand very close to me, I am not sure if that is because he has trouble hearing or whether it\'s something else. But, in some ways, by doing that he made me feel a lot more important to him, that he wanted to confide in me things that he would otherwise not reveal to anyone else. Once he got to know me a lot more, he would also start to put his hands on me occasionally, usually quite skilfully and sparingly, during a conversation. The first time he did this to me, it was on a warm day and he was wearing a pair of shorts and his half-sleeved top and I was wearing my sports shorts . He was telling me about the time he was in serving in the army, when suddenly his hand reached out and touched my soft bear skin just above my knee. When this happened, suddenly something inside me changed and I felt my body shiver as a sharp unknown feeling grew inside of me, which can only be described as a mixture of raw excitement aswell as the boyish fear of the unexpected. As his slightly rough hands lay over my leg and kept area of skin above my knee very warm, the area around my lap began to boil up and become the hottest part of my body, and it then became crystal clear to me what was happening - my penis was forming an unusually intense erection unlike anything ever experience before. The more I heard his deep voice smoothly entering my hear, the harder my erection became.... to be continued.... [please give me comments on my story so far, and things that you may want me to elaborate on]