Written by loved it

15 May 2009

for years i had always wonderd what it would be like to be touched by a guy but at the same time ive never ever thought of myself as bi or gay, so after my last girlfriend and i split up i decided to do something about it. i spent weeks flicking through the adds on this and other sites until i found a man very local to me so i messaged him and a few days later he messaged me back with a contact number so i gave him a call, i explained my situation and Ben invited me to his home for a meet. The day came and i headed for the adress that he had given me stopping at my local first for a bit of dutch, anyway i arived and rang the bell the door opened and there stood a smart but casuely dressed man in his late 60s ( im 40 ) i was invited in and offerd another drink which i took, after a bit of chit chat he asked if i would like a massage to relax me abit and i exepted , i thought there could be no harm in that its not full sex is it,he led me upstairs and asked if i would strip to my underwear so i did and he told me to lay face down on the bed, next he pourd some oil on my back and started the massage, it felt wonerful then he moved down to my legs as he rubed them i felt the pressure and he slowly parted them he moved up my legs and every now and then i felt his thumbs tickle my balls through my pants , after about 10 mins of this he asked me if i would like to turn over so i did , he pourd on more oil and started on my legs again, this time he spent more time around my groin area and the feeling was lovely and i could not help the fact that he had made me rock hard and every now and then his hands would just brush over my cock making my whole body twitch, then he said why dont you let me take these pants off they are only getting in the way and nobody can see us, so i agreed he slowly pulled them down and my cock sprung up, now i was naked for the first time in front of another man, i closed my eyes and then i felt his hand move up my leg and to my cock he slowly wanked me and the feeling was amazing, then he asked me would you like me to suck that for you ? still with my eyes closed i just nodded he sucked and licked my tool expertly much better than any woman and i didnt want it to stop but after a while i got that feeling and i said in a whisper im going to cum this made him suck and lick faster and i shot the lot in his mouth he took a gulp and swallowed it all , he told me that i had a nice cock and that he would be happy to play with it again for me another day now i cant wait to go back again .