Written by pete125

15 Dec 2014

I've not watched any online porn for a couple of weeks due to having a bad cold. Started watching again yesterday. I'm sleeping in the spare room so my wife and myself don't disturb each other's sleep. She's not been well either.

This also means I can watch and wank without her knowing. Not a problem but she won't have any ammunition to use against me! I've been watching frottage. I like to do this when I'm with a man. Along with lots of other things. This was my favourite thing to do when I was much younger. I used to do it with someone just a year or so older than me that I worked with. The foreman used to take us to his house to watch porn, 8mm stuff!

He encouraged us to wank each other, he loved to watch us. This progressed to naked frottage. I liked to lay on my back with the other person sitting astride me. We would take turns holding our cocks together and wanking. The foreman would apply the lube.

This was fantastic. We both had girlfriends but this was completely different. Sometimes the foreman would do the wanking. We used to take turns and even wank him as well. He must have been about 60 but had no problem with erections or spunking. I liked it when the other one shot first as his spunk on my cock was so hot and slippery. His spunk quite often would hit me in the face and go in my mouth. Must be why I love to suck now and feel the spunk shoot in my mouth.

This was all more than 40 years ago. I'm on my 2nd marriage, 32 years this time but still love to go with men. Sex with my wife has got less and less. Common story with so many men I go with. Saying that, I've always liked going with men even when I was getting more sex with in either marriage!