Written by Leebee67

29 Jan 2015

I had been chatting to a lovely Gent online, I do have a penchant for older guys and Chris was quite a catch, he was looking for property for a nest egg when he retired and bought property in one of the lovely coastal villages situated along the North side of Morecambe Bay.

We had chatted and swapped a few photos online, he was a very dapper gent, a little curvy but not at all overweight, his hair was close cropped and white as snow, and quite a naughty chap as far as the suggestions he had for me, and as such had arranged for me to visit him

After lovely drive up the M6 I found the last part of the journey on lovely country roads.

As I arrived in the town I sent off a quick text, and within a minute I received the reply telling me to knock and walk in. Chris lived in a lovely Victorian three storey terrace house, and I felt my penis swell as I walked up the path, knocked on the door and walked in.

Chris greeted me in the hall, he was wearing a dressing gown, after a few pleasantries he led me

to the lounge were he had a cup of tea waiting! like I say i adore older gents.

We soon carried on our flirting and it was obvious we had chemistry, and the dirty sod wanted me as much as wanted him.

As we chatted Chris sat in such a way his gown began to open, and was soon stroking his cock, I stood up and kicked off my shoes, then unbuttoned my shirt to reveal my shaved chest, To Chris's encouragement I un-buckled my belt, unfastened my trousers and let them fall to the floor so i was stood in his lounge in just a pair of cotton boxer shorts,

"Young man I do believe your encouraging behaviour is having a rather delightful effect on me, come here and continue what you've started" with that he threw open the robe completely to reveal his gorgeous erection, nestled in clipped white pubes, and large hairy balls.

I sat beside him on the settee, and grabbed his manhood as he caressed my shaved body, his touch was electric. plying my nipples and kissing my neck, whispering in my ears how sexy my body was and how much he was looking forward to getting shagged by me.

I loved running my fingers through his hairy chest, then sucking his long nipples accompanied by his moans I moved down to take his cock into my lips.

To get in a better position i knealt between his legs as Chris opened his legs, my fingers caressed his hairy balls, as I licked and sucked his manhood, soon his hips were writhing as I sucked, licked and used every trick until i squeezed his balls and his cock twitched then pumped his wad of cum down my throat.

As Chris came down from his orgasm he waxed lyrical about how good that blowjob was, and how it was time to walk upstairs so I could fuck him.

upstairs the bedroom looked fabulous, it had that smell that only old buildings could, on entering the room the robe was thrown and Chris stood there naked, his flaccid cock dangling between his legs. then walked towards me and embraced me , his older hands found there way into my shorts as my cock responded to his touch. soon my shorts were around my feet, and I felt fabulous.

Chris jumped on the double bed and I soon followed, on the bedside drawers were the lube and rubbers.

I grabbed the bottle and plastered it onto Chris's arse, he lay on his back I rubbed in the lube as he lifted his legs up in the air, slowly i started to stretch him firstly one finger, then my thumb, then my tongue rimmed his anus till he was moaning, he had a little something to relax himself as I slipped on my rubber.

A last smear of lube on the rubber and I was ready, knees bent between his legs I lifted his onto my shoulders and nudged my cock into him.

Mmmmmmmmm nice and tight, I waited till he was stretched then proceeded to fuck his arse slowly and deeply, Chris was in exstacy, i could feel my balls slapping as I fucked,

I bent him a little so to get my hands on his chest and there I had him for a good few minutes before Chris wanted to change onto his hands and knees!

As he presented his arse i could see how stretched he was, and that t was easy to slip back in, this time his legs were between mine and the pressure just built up until I erupted my load deep inside him, only to collapse on top of him.