Written by Richxx

24 Sep 2007

Well what a night.

I had been feeling horny for a number of days. I am predomnantly straight but just love a bit of cock from time to time.

I had been trying to hook up with people from this site but it just wasn't happening. I had decided to go to Pink Broadway in Southampton to definately get some cock.

I had been before two or three times and had always had fun. I had made a guy come in my mouth in the steam room while being watched by others and had gone to a rest room and been rimmed for ages. On another occassion a guy had wanted me to fuck him. So I did, he was on all fours and I gently fucked him and felt myself explode into the condom.

So I knew what to expect. I also had to be at a party later so I didn't have a lot of time.

A lot of guys just stand around wanting something to happen. I had about an hour and I knew that I was going to MAKE things happen!

First things first, a shower. Then into the sauna. Quite nice, one guy. I just lay down on my back with no towel on. It was great. Qucikly I fely a hand on my cock. I stood to attention! before long I was sucking this guy and he asked if I wanted to go to a private room. Did I fuck...no way. I wanted to be watched, have different guys queue up and fuck my face, while hopefully someone would be playing with my balls and arse the other end.

I sucked one guy then another. I was determined not to come!

Back for a shower where I sucked two guys. Then back to the sauna. Fab I sucked one guy and could tell he was going to come. He shot into the air. Then another guy who looked shy but who had been playing with my balls deserved to come. I sucked him off and he came quickly.

Then upstairs for some action! I went into the TV room and was sucked. I then went into the dark room and sucked a guys cock through the glory hole. Another guy stood close by so I sucked him too.

I then went on to the suspended leather support. Chains and everthing! One guy was really keen to fuck me. He was shoving his cock up my arse and it really stung. I asked him to stop, which he did. I then asked him to put a condom on! Then with condom on, and me a little more relaxed I let him fuck me. He gave to to me harder and harder. I imagined me anus, my insides and everything getting a serious bashing. It just felt so good. He switched with another guy and the guy who had been fucking me then brought me his rather large cock to suck. It was fab.

Then both fucked me for a while longer before I deided it was time to go.

What a night. great fucking!