Written by Harry_22

23 Jul 2014

The spa

There were never specific rounds done by the staff to check on the no-nookie policy at the spa, but the place was really well maintained so you would often see a member of staff walking round, checking temperatures and keeping the place clean. It was not really a problem as there was plenty of private space upstairs and I found on the couple of times that I have been there that the lack of touching can really build up some tension that is great when it gets released later! And of course, every now and then there was the chance to push the luck a little.

I came round the corner this time to go to the Jacuzzi. There were three people in it, two guys and a girl. She was sat in between the two guys and their smiles were relaxed and inviting to hung my towel at the side and slipped into the hot water. There was a lot of noise from the bubble jets and acoustic of the low stone ceiling made conversation impossible. I sat back and rested my head closing my eyes enjoying the moment. I heard a giggle and so I opened my eyes. The girl had moved forwards slight and it was obvious that by lowering her shoulders under the water, she was discretely able to reach the two guys and the movement in her shoulders and the guys closed eyes told me that she was wanking them. She smiled at me and glanced up in a sudden look. Some one walked past, but it was not staff, but two more guys. They clocked that something was going on and so they stopped and watched. I swapped grins with them and then shifted up to make room for them. They were both semi hard I guessed seeing how they bobbed as they navigated the steps. It was suddenly very cozy in the hot tub.

Above the noise, the guy opposite let out a groan and he tensed. I pictured his come and my cock twitched in sympathy, I had been rock hard for a while now. As soon as he was done, she turned to the other guy, whispering between kisses and then they got up and left, the spent guy following them out. She had a great figure and we blatently watched her walk between us all. Her man followed, his soft dick hanging heavy.

The three of us that remained shifted round, now I was in the middle of them. I slid down in my seat a little and touched my hard on, water bubbling and jetting around my grip. I could not help but wander if they were hard too and my eyes flicked between them. I realised that we were all sharing the same grin and so my question seemed to be answered and I spead my legs so that they touched theirs. I figured some very open body language would not hurt and I was right, the guy on my left moved and slid forwards, his legs either side of mine. Kind of leaning on his side he carried on until he was fully straddling my leg, his hard cock resting on me just above my knee. We locked eye contact and I moved my hand to him, fumbling my grip over is hard tip and gently gripping around his fairly thick shaft.. He moved to sit next to me, rising form the water briefly to reveal his proud and impressive cock as he did so. He sat down and reclined as much as he could, I reached to his lap easily and stroked him. I heard him mumble something that sounded like that was nice, but think I was wrong, he said something, but it was aimed at the other guy. He rose from the water, a much smaller cock rock hard under his belly. I was confused as he got out, but then realised his plan; he rested on the wall opposite, looking up and down the corridor. He nodded to the guy in my hand and smiled again. I looked at him in time to see him move, with some speed so he knelt in the water, between my legs. The smile had gone from his face, he looked down through the water and reached in, squeezing my cock in his fist and them pulling on my balls, forcing my legs apart. He moved forwards pushing his cock on mine and on my balls, his hands reaching up he pinched my nipples, hard and both at the same time. I yelped a little. He pinched me more and sent a hand back in the water, he pushed between my legs and his finger tip explored till it rested on my arse hole. I had lubed a bit before I left the house that morning, but the hot water had built a seal it seemed around it. He persisted and broke through and this time I heard his voice, calling me a little slut.

He rose from the water, his big dick pointing nicely to my face. He took my wet hair in his hand and pulled me onto it. His healthy girth filled my mouth and his tip just pushed into the back of my throat before my nose squashed into his skin. I gasped in the heat, forcing air out around him and he eased into a rhythm, stroking long in and out of my mouth aided by the grip on my hair.

Above the noise there was a loud cough and swiftly he moved and sat down next to me, looking at me and nodding. An attendant walked past, nodding to us and to our lookout. I was totally lost in the moment, forgetting that there were rules being broken. But I was about to find out that this was not the only rule I was about to break.

As soon as the attendant was clear there was an affirming nod from the corridor. He turned back to me and gestured me to stand. He stayed in the water, but I was turned away from him and bent over so my hands rested on the tiled edge of the tub. He tugged on my throbbing cock from between my legs, pulling hard putting his thumb up so it pushed on my hole. I was suddenly feeling very wanton as I can when I am played with like this. When hse shifted to kneel back in the water and I felt his tongue on my balls, I reached back, a hand on each cheek and pulled, presenting my bum to him.

It was met with a finger tip and then a smaller, wetter pressure and I groaned as I felt his tongue probing me, dumping saliva on my entrance. His finger dipped in again as if to be a test and on the results, there was a rush of water as he stood up. I looked down, peering around my hard on to see him tug on his member as it got nearer and nearer. I let go of my bum to brace myself, and then a slight tremor of fear and understanding, I was horny as ever and really in need of what I was about to receive, but there was no condom. I went to stand up, to lodge my protest, but a firm hand pressed on my back holding me down and voice vanished into the noise.

And then his thick tip pushed in. I was almost surprised at the ease with which he penetrated me, but my mind was not capable of thinking about that. Instead I was bombarded with the sensations of being stretched and filled in a long gentle stroke. I felt every part of him push in, his cock throbbing as I found myself pushing back. When he was all in he let out a grunt and squeezed my arse cheeks almost in triumph. Without much more of a pause he pulled back out and in two strokes was built up into a fast pace in and out of me.

I zoned out, feeling him banging me and feeling water spray up from the waves he made as he fucked me. He leant forward again this time alternating his hand between grabbing my shoulder and my hair, which not so effective now due to it being so wet. Friction built on my tunnel as he pumped me and his vius pounding was suddenly interrupted. He pulled out quickly and I felt him pull me down. Our watchman looked nervous and just as I sat down, an attendant walked in, pulling the thermometer from the water, giving it a cursory check and then heading on with that now familiar smile and nod.

I looked back at the guy as soon as the way was clear, but he was turning to the steps, heading to get out.

“Don’t go,” I said and realised instantly how lame it sounded. He was sat in the water still, his arm motion telling me he wanking his cock. I took advantage of his pause and moved to him, taking his cock in both my hands, rubbing it all over, keen to make sure it was cleaning off in the water. He groaned again as he stood for me. I felt my cock swell hard the sight of him and he leant back now clearly ready for me to work on him rather than him use me. I loved how rock hard he was still and used my hand to peel back his foreskin and then to hold him at the base. I put my lips over him and sucked gently as I bobbed my head on and off him, licking underneath him as I did. I felt the familiar tensing in his legs first and then it spread across his body and with not much more warning, his hot spunk shot into my mouth. He pumped my mouth a bit, but he did not come much and he was softening straight away. I sucked on his flaccid cock before he pulled it from me and got a last taste of come from him.

He did not even look at me after that, he simply go tout and I watched his companion hand him his towel and they both walked off. I slumped back into the seat, my hard cock in my hand very happy with how the day was going.