Written by Harry_22

3 Jul 2012

Mike invited us to his villa for a tour, but Em decided she wanted to have a sleep. I pulled on a pair of shorts and followed him over. It was pretty much the same as mine and Em's which surprised me as there was also only 1 bedroom.

“I thought you said there were 5 of you?” I asked and he simply grinned back

“The sofa folds out,” he said and after a loaded pause, “and we are okay with sharing!”

I sat down in the cool of the air-conditioned room and he vanished, returning with a couple of beers. He joined me on the sofa, sitting close.

He let out a deep breath, “Phew, that was hot! Em is a proper little cracker!”

“She is at that!” I replied raising my bottle.

“The guys won't believe it,” he continued, “she seems very open minded?”

“Oh she is!” was all I said and he let his hand rest on my leg. I fell silent and let him caress me a little while. My cock was stirring and tell tale twitches were disturbing the material at my lap.

Mike clicked the remote by the arm of the sofa and the TV came to life. I figured he was making his move on me and I was ready to see some porn, but I was surprised that the footage on screen was of Mike and hid friends on the golf course.

“Oh not that!” said Mike with a chuckle and with another button press the screen jumped.

The picture was dark, but there was no mistaking the room we were now in. The camera panned to the bedroom and the view settled on the mass of bodies all lying on the bed. I saw Mike in the middle and it was soon obvious that the three guys on the bed were asleep. They were all naked and the cameraman stayed put while he panned the room, zooming in on discarded condom wrappers and what looked like lube sachets.

Clumsily the camera was put down and the zoom adjusted. The cameraman then stepped into frame or rather his cock did. Close to the camera as it was it looked nice and big and from in front of him a face closed in and took his hard cock into his mouth.

I watched this blowjob in the dark and as I did Mike moved and pulled my shorts down. I generally prefer to blow rather than be blown, but the video playing and the sense of the debauchery that was going on in this villa made me want to come. Mike got his mouth over my helmet and sucked me in and out almost frantically.

On screen, the bigger than average cock was sliding with ease all the way in and out of this guys mouth and I was instantly jealous of the load of spunk that was about to be delivered. They guy thrust out of time and the sucker took the chance to get some air.

He wanked it hard and fast and the deep breathing let me know that come was coming. His mouth went on just in time to catch it and the moaning got louder as spunk was pumped into his mouth.

I realised that I was tense and with a yelp it caught up with me that I was coming too, Mike had pulled off me and was wanking me into my own lap.He mounted my legs, when had he got naked I mused? He rubbed his cock over my lap, smearing it in my come. Then he stood and I waisted no time in getting him into my mouth.

My come tasted good off his cock . I licked as much off as I could before my wantonness took over. I lay my head back and opened wide,

“Do my mouth!” I breathed at him and he began plunging himself in and out of me. When he banged me hard I could feel my throat trying to react, he had a perfect length. But the real thrill came from his girth, his cock filled my mouth, stretching my lips apart. I could hear him talking but could not make out the words as with a hard push the first squirt of his hot jizz shot into my throat. I swallowed quick getting ready for more, but I could not make out any more squirts although the taste and warmth of his spunk made its way around my mouth.

Mike collapsed off me and I snapped my eyes open at the sound of a light round of applause – a gold clap if you will.

Standing at the door were mike companions and it looked as thought they were please to see me!