Written by Harry_22

6 Feb 2012

I paid the £35, picked up the bag, slipped it into the thermal bag and headed back to my car. I recognised the address, but there was never usually this much to deliver. No tip tonight I thought.

Just under 10 minutes later I stopped in front of the address, the driveway full of cars. There was no answer at the front door, but plenty of noise coming from the front room. No one even replied when I rapped on the window. Stepping back from the house, I thought I would try the side door. No security light came on as I open the gate and the side fo the house was pitch black. Then thankfully, light beamed out of the back door as the kitchen light turned. I saw Mr Smith moving in the kitchen and I knocked on the door. He leapt in surprise, but smiled when he saw me.

“Sorry to make you jump,” I said as he opened the door to me. He was in a casual tracky, unusual I thought for entertaining.

“Hah,” no problem he replied and nodded over his shoulder, “wife's dinner party!”

“Ahah,” I answered, handing him the food,

I handed him the receipt, “35 quid...”

He looked briefly over his shoulder and then back to me as he reached to his wallet. “Is that all?” he enquired and then he looked at me and giggled, “I guess my wife does not know to order the extras!” He put the food on the sideboard and flicked the light off. In darkness I stepped back and let him come down the step towards me. What little light there was picked up the pale of his skin as he tugged down his sweatpants.

My back connected with the next wall and I let my weight rest on it as slid down. I reached out and easily cupped his soft cock and balls in my hand.

He laughed quietly, “It's cold out here!”

“It's not here,” I replied and moved forward. Opening my mouth, I put my lips around the small mound of cock and balls and he gasped. I lapped my tongue around his flaccid member and moved my hands round so that I could rub them over his hairy bum cheeks.

Hmmm there it is I thought to myself as his cock began to swell in my mouth. I moved back to let his cold ball sack back into the open air. Bringing my right hand off his bum, I gentle ran my finger tips over his balls, encouraging him to full hardness.

“Oh God Yes,” he muttered. Not very long, but quite thick, I like to suck his cock and I also know that is not really how he likes to play it...

I always know when he is at full mast because his hands descend to the top of my head and he holds it in my mouth, adjusting slightly so that he can feel his hard tip rubbing around my mouth. Then when he is ready, he pulls back and lets me lap at his tip. I lick away and caress his cheeks again.

“Hmmmm, you are so hard,” I groan. At that he takes my head in his hands and pushed hard into me. I love how his cock pushes into my throat slightly with each stroke and the discomfort of his pushing on my face is enough distraction to keep me from gagging. His breathing gets heavier and heavier with each push and then without warning he pulls out and turns away. My heart jumps thinking that he has heard something in the house, he has moved to the door and leaning on the window ledge.

I feel on edge, but then relax as he pushes his joggers down even further and leans forwards presenting his rear to me. He mumbles something that I cannot make out, I move nearer anyway and reach between his legs. Angled straight down like this, his cock is rigid in my hand. His shaft is sticky and I smell a whiff of my own saliva and his pre come. I drop forward once more and bury my nose in his arse crack, pushing my tongue out hard to find his ringpiece.

His hairy crack tickles my face and then I am rewarded with my tongue tip finding his tight hole. He pushes back into me and I lick and probe. I can feel my tongue pushing him, but it is not strong enough to get into him.

“Fuck, get it wet!” he whispered. I let saliva run down my tongue and I rimmed him good, getting as much wet around him as I could. Then my face was pushed back by his hand, being led by a single finger down his crack. It soon met with my tongue and I licked it too as it snaked past and nudged into his arse hole. He turned back to face me and his cock was rigid, light from somewhere glistening of his shiny helmet. I watched it twitch and put my hand beneath him, I placed it on his hand and felt the motion of him pumping his finger in and out of his arse. I could see his body tensing and flinching and so took his fat cock in my spare hand. I clenched my fist as each of my fingers rippled over his sold ridge and as his body clenched even more and his breath held, I moved my mouth to the tip for the last time and pumped his shaft. I took his hand in mine now and added some more force to the pushing into his arse. With a stifled cry, his come flew form his tip and landed neatly in my mouth. Delicately I placed my lips around the end and with the slight motion his length would allow, I wanked him off into me.

The main reason I like sucking him off is that he is such a big comer. This was true in general, but his fingers jammed inside him seemed to bring even more out of him. Sensing my mouth was full, I swallowed down a hot glug of spunk. As his cock finally fell still and its throbbing ceased, I swallowed again.

I pulled my mouth from him, “You taste so good!” I complimented him and I sucked his fast shrinking cock back once more. Panting, he stopped my fun as he pulled his pants and bottoms back into place.

Reaching into his pocket, he looked over his shoulder again and there was noise getting louder now. He handed me a few notes, “I am sure that will cover the extra, Harry” and he stepped back into the kitchen staging the tale end of our conversation for the benefit of his wife who had just got into the kitchen.

“Let me just clean up,” heard as the tap began running, “and I will dish up for you...”

I left quietly through the side gate, happily counting the tip I have got tonight.