Written by naktivdave

1 Feb 2012

I have been going to a country park near my home for years to sunbath nude and often found I was being watched by other guys. This turned me on, so I would makeout not to notice till they where closeby. Sometimes the guy would ask to join me and Id say "I would love you to", he would sit down and start to caress my smooth naked body and hard cock. Then he would ask me to go into the nearby woods where he would fuck me, or Id suck him off. I noticed there were other guys watching us, and this turned me on even more so I waved for them to join us. I was soon joined by three others all fully clothed, just me stark naked. One pulled a condom on and lubed me up while thee others played with my tits and cock, then he started to push his thick 6in cock up me slowly "its lovely give me more" I cried. The others pushed my head down onto anothers cock and told me to suck it hard. I did as I was told and sucked hard, out the corners of my eyes I could see others watching me being roasted. A few minutes later the guy fucking my bum shot his lot and pulled out so I knelt down and continued to suck the other guy till he filled my mouth with his cum. When he pulled his cock out of my mouth I opened it and let the cum run out all down my chin and drip over my tits. Then I swallowed the rest befor licking and sucking his cock clean. Two others then stood in front of me wanking like mad befor spunking all over my face and tits. I love being cum over. After that session I now park in a layby on the main road, strip naked and walk behind the hedge to the woods. All the regular guys and lorry drivers know me now and watch out for me as Im always naked, they know I love lots of cock up me or to suck while some just watch the action.