Written by m_over33

10 Oct 2011

I slipped into Doug's warm bed and rolled my butt into the cradle of his legs and felt his bare manhood against my butt, and his hairy legs intertwining mine. He adjusted and wiggled down a little so that his thick dick slid between my thighs, just under my balls. When it was comfortably in place, he began to slowly move in and out. After a few thrusts he was fully hard, he picked up the pace, and reached around and grabbed my nipples and started to twist and tease them. I could feel his cock press upward, forcing my balls up against my erection, and as he went in and out, my balls massaged my rod. After a few minutes of these strokes his breathing became heavy and excited, his body tense and his cock head seemed to grow larger. All of sudden he let out a long sigh, a moan, jerked a few times and slowly stopped the in and out motion and I felt squirts of liquid stickiness shooting between my thighs, and the feeling of it caused my dick to spill out the same also. A great feeling of relief and satisfaction engulfed me. This initial release of energy was just the beginning....... we rested a little, and then the real sex lesson was to begin............We are going to do other positions tonight...lots of other positions!!