Written by Dan

7 Apr 2018

8 years ago my stag do was in Newquay, usual fayre paint balling then out on the piss for a few days , I’d been dreading it because I knew they would have something planned for me , any how so come the Saturday night we’d been drinking most the afternoon and then gone back to the hotel to freshen up for the evening and put on the stag do t shirts, only they had got me an Anne summers nurses outfit to wear , I had been dreading something like this would happen as I am a closet dresser at home , when my ex was out I would put her panties and stocking on . So I was scared I’d get turned on and the lads would see, I was quite drunk though so I was ok. I was I quite good shape as I’d been training and slimming down for the wedding but the dress was tight and quite short. I was thinking to myself I’m going to keep it. Cus it was short the guys let me keep my boxers on . We went back out had a shed load more drink and did a pub crawl we ended up in some club and I was acting up on the dance floor in my outfit just messing about . 1 of the guys Craig was dancing with me , messing about pinching my ass and stuff . After a bit everyone was drifting off and I was ready to go back to the hotel . I was stood by the bar and there was 4 of us left . I said to the lads I’ve got to go , not feeling great . Craig said yeah he was ready to go and he’d take me back , the other 2 Wanted to stay out , I didn’t really know Craig that well he’s a friends cousin who came along to make up the numbers , whenwe got out of the taxi and Craig said to me did I enjoy the dancing and told me how hot I look, then he told me he was bi and asked if he could touch me . I was shocked but I’d fantasised about being fucked when I’d dressed at home , I grabbed his hand and put it on my bum , he ran his hand up my back and then pulled me to him and we kissed , then he said we better go somewhere so we’re not seen , we went the the hotel car park and he led me to his car , we both got in the back and carried on kissing I was loving it , he pulled off my boxers so I was just in the tight nurses dress and started to play with my rock hard cock , I unzipped him and after a bit of fumbling had his cock in my hand and started to wank him. Then I thought fuck it and told him to fuck me . He got out of his door and pulled me over to his door I got out and had 1 knee on the seat and 1 leg out and was bent over doggy position across the back seat , he went into his glove box and got some sun cream and rubbed it into my ass it felt so good and then I felt the tip of his cock at first it was wow that hurts but after he pushed it in I got used to the feeling and loved it he fucked me rough and I was pushing back into him , then he pulled out and I felt hot cum over my ass . I told him that was so fucking good I got out the car and sat back down perched on the seat with the door open and licked the rest of his cum off his cock. My cock was still hard and my dress was ridden up over it he told me to wank . He wanted to watch me cum I didn’t take long and I shot upwards over my dress and some went on my face , Craig lent over a licked it off and we kissed again . We went back to the room and didn’t say anything the next day we just smiled at each other