Written by Tom T

2 Jan 2018

It was during a weekend away for a mate’s stag weekend and my mate Richard and I shared a room. After a Saturday afternoon session drinking followed by a fair few more we visited the obligatory Lap Dance bar.

I’ve known Richard for about 8 or 9 years since 6th form and we’re good mates. Both have a girlfriend and both have lived with them for about 2 years. The lap dance got us both horny.

Back in the room Richard started asking questions about my sex life, does Emily take it up the arse? Does she give fit wanks? Does she swallow? It was amusing but I didn’t answer. I wish Rachel swallowed he said. I would swallow if I sucked a cock he said. I know what you mean I said replying to the comment about wishing his girlfriend swallowed.

Ok he said I will suck your cock and swallow if you do mine.

Fuck off I said I have not even seen a naked erect cock in real life only in porn.

I can resolve that he said and jumped up and dropped his shorts exposing an impressive and cut cock. Lick this he said laughing and moved closer to me and my mouth. Show me yours then Tom. I was still horny for the lap dance and intrigued by the prospect of have my cock sucked and my cum swallowed. It’s not cheating he said and the girls will never know. It’s benign faithful really as we are best mates. With that I dropped my shorts and we flopped onto the bed. We 69ed with Richard shouting instructions like no hands, only tongues, only lips etc. After a while and getting nearer to cumming Richard shouted I’m gunna cum and released a flood of cum into my mouth. I held onto his cock and swallowed all he gave me. Lick it clean he shouted and then went to work on my cock. It did not take much longer and I gushed into his mouth. He returned the favour and licked my cock clean. We lay there not spent as our cocks returned to their normal state. He went to shake my hand and said thanks mate. This bit was wierd but I held my hand out. He served his hand and spread his fingers putting his thumb on his nose jokingly. I smiled and he dropped his hand to my cock shook that instead. We laughed and climbed into bed.

As morning arrived we both seemed to wake up at the same time. Fancy doing it again sober? He asked and reached over to my cock and balls...