Written by spunkmaster

8 Jan 2013

I don't often go back, what with all the old family now long dead and buried there isn't much point but a solicitors letter had brought me hot foot to sign off a property deal. I saw him from the taxi on its way back to the station, at first I wasn't sure ,afterall nearly 5O years is a long time so it was quite a surprised to see he was still alive. True he was in a wheel chair being pushed by his daughter, whom I used to go to school with so it was her that I'd noticed first. The taxi driver unlike some, halted at the pedestrian crossing, allowing Noddy and daughter to cross. Just as the wheelchair reached the middle of the bonnet he turned towards the taxi, quite sure now who he was I smiled and gave him the merest wave of my right hand. A hand that had wanked him to fountains of spunk on mnay occasisons. The utterley astounded look on his face told me that he'd recongnised me. 'Know him do you?' asked the driver. 'Oh yes I know him, or did, very very well as a matter of fact, I used to fuck him every Thursday night'

Later, sitting comfortably in my first class railway carriage I let my mind canter back over the many sessions with Noddy. The first had followed a minor shall we say trangression that had father found out would have led to a leathering 18 or not. Noddy had left me in no doubt that the only thing to buy his silence would be a 'feel of my balls' I wondered if his daughter had been talking as she reckoned them to be the biggest she'd ever hefted, but no the thought was absurd. 'Thursday 7pm he'd snapped' Truth was I was actually viewing the meeting with a degree of relish as I'd already had a wank fest or two with my mates and loved the feel of a good springy prick in my hands.

He'd opened the door promptly. 'Trousers off and stay here'. We were at the bottom of the stairs. I complied wondering what came next. 'Turn round, lean forward and take your weight on the third or forth stair then open your legs'. I did, tensing expecting him to spank me. His hand reached round to my semi. 'Got to get harder than that, he expertly flicked pricky from my Y fronts and gave the bell end an encouraging sqeeze. His other hand was up the leg of my nickers forefinger grazing across my arsehole. 'I think that this could become rather interesting do't you he asked? P pushed back feeling his finger tip just entering my bum......'rather I replied'