Written by CLIFF

15 Oct 2013

I've put this under the label gay and yet I personally don't consider my sexual behaviour to be homosexual.My first sexual experience was with a girl,no problem with erection etc I enjoyed her masturbating me and me her,moved onto intercourse enjoyed that,just one problem I couldn't ejaculate,she really had an orgasm,she picked up that there was a problem so resorted to masturbating me again,very hard to fake it as a man,we tried a few more times,no joy,I could masturbate myself to a finish but it would always take an hour or more.I didn't know I was different.

Interestingly my home town was Warrington,I had begun to develop strong sexual desires and even though I had no idea about sex in public toilets until I walked in on two guys mutually masturbating each other in the toilet mentioned in a previous story.They stopped their activity until I innocently stood beside them at the urinal intending to have a pee.Neither of them made an attempt to hide their erections,rather they seemed to be wanting me to see them.

A funny thing happened that day,when I took my own cock out I realised it had also begun to harden and as if it was something I'd done previously I stood there holding it as it very quickly got fully erect in my fingers.Well of course they took that as the green light and reached for each others cocks and started masturbating each other again.

This absurd thought came into my mind,I'd like to masturbate another man,at that stage I didn't think of it as "having sex" I simply wanted to know what it felt like.I didn't know how long they had been masturbating but I wasn't thinking of one of them ejaculating,I was still thinking in a different time frame my time frame.

Suddenly one of them started to moan loudly as his body started to jerk and then there it was,his friends hand moved faster and faster but standing clear of his pumping cock,I loved it,I wanted to do it and as he finished pumping his copious semen onto the back of the urinal and quickly left I was literally handed my first cock..LATER.