Written by Roger k

17 Jul 2009

I,ve sucked and wanked so much cock in my time and still love it.Found a new toilet yesterday and that took a bit of doing,few and far between these days,I was gagging for sex.Under my clothes I,m dressed in the full gear,bra sexy white knickers sussy belt and stockings.I,ve not got a bit of hair on my body,always use hair remover,stings a little between my arse cheeks and on my balls but worth the effort.

Knew instinctively as I went in the toilet there would be action.A couple of guys at the stalls obvious they,d been wanking each other before they heard me coming,I,d heard the cubicle door close I went in the other,a huge hole in the wall,big enough to get your head through...Knew there was a guy in there could see his naked legs.

Kicked my pumps off and removed my top nice and slowly,he,s watching my every movement,slowly lowered my zip,always works that.He can see I,m wearing knickers and sussybelt,push my pants slowly down revealing my stocking covered smooth legs.I,ve not even got a hardon at this stage,my cock which is a reasonable six inches when up is still neatly tucked in my knickers.

He,s on his knees his face to the hole looking me up and down nodding his approval.I indicate for him to move back a bit so I can see his,he,s naked from the waist down a thick rock hard cock between his legs,standing straight up from a mound of black pubic hair,probably 7 inches ,nice low hanging balls no hair visible.

I put my hand through and start to wank him,the feel of that lovely hard cock starts my own to react,I just let it rise of its own accord it always finds its way out of my knickers.He pushes his door wide open,nice one.Footsteps approach mine its pushed open,I don,t move off my knees I just look up and smile.One of the guys from the stalls is standing there his cock in his hand giving himself a good wanking.

I open my mouth and invite him,he dose,nt need a second he guides it straight in.He grabs my head and starts to pump,love it,his mate leaves the other door and comes to watch,of course wanking himself.His pumping quickly gets faster he just wants to fuck mouth.He did,nt last long,I feel the swelling of his cock and then his hot spunk fill my mouth,love it,not as much as I,d expected but swallowed it down gratefully,sucked as much spunk as I could from him tightening my lips on it as he withdrew to get the last of it.

I don,t know if the guy in the next cubicle saw any of that,he seems just happy for me to wank him.I need a wanking,my cock is now fully hard and needs attention,I take my hand from his cock and stand up,he knows,his arm comes through and starts to feel my balls through my knickers,love that,he feels my sussy belt and my stockinged legs.His hand moves up and pulls the band of my knickers below my balls,his fingers move over my smooth pubic area then takes my cock and starts to wank me,love that.

The guy at the door is still just watching,he,s got a really small cock but nice,he,s oozing precum as he wanks himself.I nod for him to come in,he does,I wiggle my arse asking him to play with me.He gets behind me and pushes my knickers fully down,love it.He puts his cock between my cheeks it might be small but its fucking hot,it just about reaches my love hole,I push back onto it.The hot head presses against my ring,I twitch it for his enjoyment.

His arm comes around me and he plays with my balls as the other guy continues to wank me,love it.I can tell he is trying to push his cock into me,I,m not resisting,I feel the head penetrate and the sudden hot wetness as he shoots his load again did,nt take fucking take much for him to come off.His cock was out of my hole and just banging about in his own spunk between my arse cheeks,he was sure making a mess.

Somebody else had already come in the toilets,the usual cough could be heard,the guy behind me pulled his pants up and left the door wide open as he left,fucking suits me.

Finish this later theres sombody at my door better get some clothes on.