20 Apr 2019

A few years ago now, a straight friend of mine had an accident while motorcycling in Oz, breaking his right arm and hand. As a result, he returned to England and I offered him a bed at my place for his 12 week long stay.

My mate's called Rob and is as straight as they come. He likes to play football, drink with the lads and fucks girls like they're going out of fashion. He's handsome in a rugged, manly sort of way and whenever I found myself in his company I'd often find myself distracted by the sizeable bulge in his trousers. He has one of those cocks most men would die for: it looked like a good 5 or 6 inches flaccid and it's thick, too. You know, one of those cocks you can't help but notice, though they are normally attached to some guy you wouldn't dream of fucking!

He knew I am gay and never had an issue with it, having travelled widely and met folks from all walks of life. Anyway, he'd been staying on a sofa bed in the lounge for about 3 weeks when one night we decided to stay in, watch a movie on SKY and down a few beers. The movie was dire and so we turned it off.

"Well. What do you suggest we do now?" Rob asked. It was nearing midnight so local pubs weren't an option.

"I dunno. What do you have in mind?" I replied, thinking how I'd actually like to unbutton his jeans and swallow that monster cock whole right now. I'd drunk a little too much beer and that meant one thing -- trouble!

Rob took a swig of his beer and announced, "A little head would be good right now, mate. Whadda ya think?"

I nearly choked on my beer! Did he mean what I think he did? I decided to play it cool and said, "You should have said earlier that you wanted to get laid: we could have gone out instead of watching that shitty movie. You and your craving for women, Rob!"

As I spoke, Rob started to squeeze his cock through his jeans. I felt my own cock stir, desperate to be free.

"I was thinking...y'know...maybe you could..." he continued, rather nervously.

I didn't need asking again. "You sure?" I asked, kneeling now between his splayed legs. He stood up and hastily unbuttoned his jeans. I slid them down to his ankles, eyes fixed on the meat feast! It was fucking HUGE! I'd expected his cock to simply harden but it grew to almost twice its hefty flaccid length. I'd been with guys before who had big cocks but never had I seen one quite so long and thick. I swear to God it was at least nine inches!

Slowly, I worked my tongue over his tip, and gradually worked my mouth down his shaft, sucking hard with each upward stroke. His rough hands held my head and with each mouthful, he thrust and pushed my head a little further.

"Fuck, mate ... take it all the way ... awww yeahh," he groaned, fucking my greedy mouth.

As his rhythm surged, I pulled away.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" he asked, very genuinely.

"No, not at all," I smiled. "Rob ... seeing as you don't mind me giving you head an' all ... I was wondering ..."

"It'd be a fuckin' pleasure mate," he answered. "I haven't fucked arse for years! Girls, they ain't keen and they complain about... well, the size," he grinned, modestly.

"There's nothing I'd like more right now to be honest. I just want you to know that this doesn't make me gay, ok?" he added.

Taking a sachet of lube from my wallet as I removed my trousers, I worked it over Rob's thick cock.

"How d'ya want me? Behind? Underneath? It's your ride, mate!" he offered.

Without words, I knelt on all fours and felt his warm fingers grease my tight hole. He slipped a couple deep inside and I moaned, eager for his meat. Seconds later, his thick round head was pushing against my rosebud. I relaxed as he entered me and, amazingly, he slid right in. It took my fucking breath away!

"Aww, fuck me hard, mate. C'mon, fuck me!"

His thick, hard meat began to pump my hole. "Aww man, I love it hard. Fuck me ... harder!" Rob's man-meat pistoned my firm butt for a good ten minutes.

"Fuck yeah. I've never felt so fuckin' hard!" he groaned as he fucked me like an animal. My arse was stretched to capacity but I've never felt a pain so pleasurable in my life! His breathing was getting heavier and I knew he was close to shooting his load.

I turned onto my back and he greedily lifted my legs over his shoulders, eager for boy cunt. "Fuck, mate ... is this what I've been missing?" he panted, grinning wildly. "I'm gonna cum mate!"

"Cum inside me!"

"You sure?"


Fucked like never before, I beat my own meat furiously, desperate for us to climax together. His final strokes were furious and, throwing his head back, he let out a deep animal groan as he fired his hot load deep inside my tender arse. I came too, hot streams of cum covering my chest and face.

Rob grinned, towering over me as he pulled out and said, "You gay guys sure know how to suck and fuck!"

"Well, here's to the next nine weeks then!"

We probably fucked every other day for the rest of his stay.

I've only ever met one guy since who is hung like Rob. His name is Lee, and he worked as a copper when he first fucked me. But that's another story for another time ...