Written by Confused

9 Aug 2018

Well, first of all, I regard myself as a straight, married guy who, very occasionally, enjoys sucking a cock. I have never been attracted to males, never had feelings for a male, I’ve just enjoyed feeling and sucking another hard cock. That was until today.

I have a well earned week off work and was delighted when the wife said I had a completely free day because she had friends and their kids coming for a play date.

I am a member of a health club and thought I would take the opportunity for a daytime gym, sauna and coffee session. I got myself to the gym and cracked on with my weights session. I was enjoying my session due to the relatively empty gym and ease of access to all of the weights equipment, As I walked to get some weights, I had to pause to allow a slim looking Asian guy get out of my way. I recognised him as the guy who followed me in and who I held the door open for. I thanked him for clearing my path and went to choose my weights. I grabbed my dumbbells and walked to where I was working out. As I looked in the mirror, I saw the Asian guy looking at me, and without him knowing I was looking, saw him blow out his cheeks as he watched me. When I got to my area, I looked over and noticed that he was still looking at me, but he quickly averted his gaze when he saw me look over. This aroused me to know that I was being sized up and I kept looking over. The more I looked, the more I started to realise that there was something about this guy that attracted me. This was a completely new feeling for me. We exchanged glances and even a smile when I involuntarily smiles at one of his glances over at me.

After a while, I decided that it was time for a sauna and a shower and slowly trudged out of the gym, tired from my exertion. I was not 100% surprised to notice that my friend was behind me, also leaving. I held open doors for him and exchanged pleasantries before we went to separate parts of the locker room. I always change near the entrance to the pool and shower area and decided that I would give him something to look at if/when he came by. I stayed naked for a while as I pretended to arrange my clothing etc in my bag. He walked past in his baggy swimming shorts and looked back as he went to the pool area. I slipped on my swimming shorts and went into the pool area. When I got to the pool, I had lost sight of my new friend so went to my favourite area- the steam room. After 15 mins of relaxation, I left the steam and had a look around. Swimming in the farthest lane was my guy. I watched him glide through the water and realised that I had never chatted up or being chatted up by a man without using a website. I made my way to the empty jacuzzi. I had just sat down, when I noticed him realise where I was. With that, every time he finished a length, he removed his goggles and looked over. This made me twitch in my shorts and I knew that I wanted him. He looked over again and I smiled again. With that, he climbed out of the pool showing off a decent body (first time I’ve looked at anything more than a cock).

He slowly and rather shyly made his way into the jacuzzi and sat diagonally across from me. I nodded and asked how he was. He seemed shy but we struck up a conversation. He also seemed really nice which added to this strange attraction that I felt. After a few minutes, he shocked me when he asked, “are you straight?” The only reply I could think of was, “I’m bisexual actually.” He smiled and said, “interesting.” We continued to talk and we both admitted to watching the other. I also admited to finding him attractive. He also admitted attraction and we both laughed awkwardly. I attempted to break the awkwardness by saying, “what now then.” His reply knocked me for 6. It was a simple, “we could go to mine.” So as not to leave any doubt, I stood and said, “let’s go.” He also stood and we walked towards the locker room agreeing to meet outside the building when ready. I got a quick shower and got myself ready, tingling at what was to come. I got myself to the car park to find him waiting. He told me to jump in my car and follow him as he didn’t live far. I did as instructed and made the 5 minute journey following his silver Audi.

When he pulled up, I jumped out awkwardly and followed him to the front door of his small suburban house. He fumbled with his key, clearly also nervous, before opening the door for me. He closed the door behind us, locked up and dropped his bag on the floor. He then smiled and walked towards me slowly, almost asking permission to approach me. I took a step towards him and our lips soon met. I had never kissed a guy before and this

Kiss sent sparks rushing through my entire body. His soft lips and tongue felt amazing against mine. Our hands wandered and before long his hands were up insidey t shirt. I gripped his face and kissed him harder as my cock began to respond to his hands on my body. After a short while, he broke the kiss and grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. We made it no further than the top step before we kissed again, this time my shirt was pulled over my head and thrown onto the floor. He then led me into a small bedroom with a double bed. I pushed him onto the bed and joined him, kissing passionately as his hands explored my naked torso. His hands were soon pulling down my shorts revealing an already hard cock making a break for freedom at the waistband of my boxers. I began to strip him and before long, we were both completely naked. His cock was slightly smaller than I would have liked but I was too turned on to care. I kissed down his body until

I reached his cock. I gripped it in my hand and began to lick it like a fleshy lollipop. His twitches and moans let me know he liked and before long, I was suckingn greedily. I really enjoy a cock in my mouth and his was no different. I then licked and sucked his balls before returning to stuffing as much of him into

My mouth as possible. He was clearly enjoying and told me that he wanted to cum in my mouth. I absolutely have no problem

With that and greedily sucked, wanting his seed in my mouth. I sucked and wanted for all I was worth until he said “get ready.” I then felt the tell tale twitch before he unloaded hot streams into my mouth. I cleaned him up before I was pushed onto my back. “My turn.” He announced as he placed my cock at his lips. This was quite simply the best oral sex I had ever received. To the point where I was almost embarrassed at how quickly he made me cum. As I writhed in ecstasy, he knew I was close and he popped a finger into my ass. This had never been done to me before and certainly aided my intense orgasm. He returned the favour of cleaning me up before lying on top of me and kissing me again. After a moment, we laid there in silence for a short time. I realised that we knew nothing of each other and this made me feel awkward, so I made my excuses to leave. As I dressed, he kissed me again and said, “see you soon.” I let myself out- my mind blown and wanting more. I’m sure I’ll see him again.

I want more next time.