Written by Rog_Smith

22 Jan 2010

Last night I was staying in a London hotel and was feeling very horny - all I wanted was for someone to use me as their love toy and was more than open to any suggestions. I checked into the hotel, got to my room, and stripped off and had a shower. I made sure that I was clean all over and shaved myself so that my cock, balls and around my arse were as smooth as possible. My cock is not very big and looking at myself in the mirror it always looks bigger when shaved... I put on a pair of white silk panties - oh how good they felt against my smooth shaved skin - and then dressed to go down to the bar.

It was quiet down in the hotel bar with only 3 or 4 people sat drinking on their own. I ordered a beer and went and sat down in a quiet corner wondering where to go to find someone to spend the evening with. One of the guys at the bar caught my eye and came over to join me - we got chatting about nothing in particular, just passing the time of day. I finished my beer and offered to buy him another drink too which he readily accepted. I'm not quite sure how, but our talk turned to sex; I was cautious to start with but as the conversation flowed I became braver and started to drop hints that I was after some male on male fun. Gradually he picked up on what I was saying and suggested that we go back to my room to be some where a little more private. As we made our way to the lifts I could feel myself getting harder in my silk panties and knew that I was starting to leak precum; that warm wet feeling !

We got back to my room, went in and he locked the door behind us then went to the mini bar and took out a couple of beers. We sat on the edge of the bed drinking the beers when he turned to me and told me that I was a very naughty boy and would need to be punished. I love being dominated but could only mutter "yes, I am being naughty; but its what I want to be". He told me to strip - I did as he told me and when he saw my silk panties he told me I had to keep them on. I was stood in front of him, my small cock as hard as it could be outlined inside my panties. He then instructed me to come to him and bend over his knee - I did as I was told. His hand then wandered over my bottom and then suddenly it left and came cracking down over my arse cheeks; he did that a couple of times and I could feel the warmth that his smacking was doing to me. He repeated this a few times before his hand went back to feeling my arse again. His hand then went under my panties and I could feel his fingers searching for my arse hole and round to my balls and very hard cock. He squeezed my balls really hard - which actually hurt a lot - and then his fingers found my precum. Rubbing his fingers over the very wet tip of my cock he made sure they were wet before returning to my arse hole and gradually he inserted one, then two, then three fingers inside me stretching my hole all the time. His fingers started to go deeper and rhythmically were going in and out of my hole - it felt fantastic being stretched and penetrated like this.

But he then stopped, pushed me off his lap, stood up and dropped his trousers and boxers telling me to kneel in front of him. I did as I was told - in front of me I could now see his hard cock; he pulled back his foreskin to reveal a lovely glistening purple head, grabbed hold of my hair and pulled me towards him. I opened my mouth obediently and he pushed his cock in - I could taste a mixture of precum and stale piss; he obviously wasn't the cleanest person around - and then started to rock back and forth pushing his cock further and further down my throat. I sucked and licked his cock as best I could and, from his soft moaning I think that he was enjoying fucking my mouth. He stopped, took his cock out of my mouth and told me to bend over the bed - again, I did as I was told. I could feel his fingers around my hole again, probing, pushing, stretching me open. He took his fingers out and they were replaced by his hard cock which entered me with no problem at all - how good that felt ! He then started fucking me starting slowly and building up quicker and quicker until, after two or three minutes I felt his warm cum splattering all over inside me. Mmmmm, that felt good. He turned me round, put his cock to my mouth, and told me to clean him up - I did as I was told tasting the mix of his cum and my shit on his cock and licking and sucking for all I was worth. I love being used like this....

When he was satisfied that I had cleaned him up he then told me that it was my turn to cum. He lay me down on the bed, and climbed above me with his head between my legs and his arse in my face. He started to play with my cock telling me how small I was and that it was hardly worth sucking me. "If you want me to suck you off then you will have to lick my hole" he told me. I did as I was told - I pulled his cheeks apart and my tongue moved to his hole. I could smell that he hadn't washed since he last went to the toilet and hesitated in putting my tongue up against him. His mouth closed tight around my balls and the pain was excruciating. "lick me" he said. I did as I was told and started to lick and probe around his dirty arse, my tongue cleaning him as I did. He responded by freeing my balls and starting to suck my cock. My tongue was licking and probing inside him - and the more I did this, the stronger he sucked my cock until I came in his mouth. He took all I had then turned and spat it out all over my belly. He looked at me, smiled, picked up my silk panties and wiped up all the cum of my belly. He turned me over and then started to puch my panties up my hole - "that'll stop you leaking cum out of there" he said. He then pulled on his boxers and trousers and left. I stood up, my panties hanging out of my hole wet and covered in cum. That'll teach me, I thought....at least until the next time !