Written by mrsbridges

23 Dec 2010

Thomas was turned on seeing me being ogled by men and eventually he found himself wanking when the thought of me being fucked by other men. I fuck like a rabbit and rarely mentioned anyone else but him and I also like to pander to his little interests one of them being me dressed in a school uniform. I'm a petite, curvaceous woman with breasts that are very ample and I have nipples that became as hard as bullets when aroused. My pussy is small yet perfectly formed and very very tight. Each time we have sex I have difficulty taking Thomas' cock which he of course loves. His foreskin peels back as he forces it into me and I love him being in me right up to my balls.

Many a night Thomas has thought of me being fucked by strangers and even by some of his friends.

When I had first met Thomas, I was teetotal but after knowing him for sometime would occasionally have a couple of drinks.

Thomas was invited to a party and quite unusual for him, he took me along. The party was in a big old Victorian house and the kitchen had had a beautiful modern extension built onto the back. It was a warm late summer evening and the doors were opened onto a large secluded garden with little paths and shrubs everywhere. Lights were sprinkled around the garden giving a fairy-tale look to the place. Thomas noticed I was drinking soft drinks and as the evening air chilled, most of the party moved indoors. It was then that he noticed my behaviour was slightly erratic and that I was drinking spirits and shots. I wasn’t making a fool of myself, just being a little different.

It was about 20 minutes later that Thomas realised I was not in the room and he came to look for me as it was getting late. He couldn’t find me so assumed I had gone into the garden. As he walked along the paths, he heard a man's voice and my laugh and the blood rushed to both of his heads!

Thomas crept slowly up to the area the voices were coming from and saw me sitting on a bench with a guy he had seen me talking to in the main room. We were having a conversation but it was the guy's hand Thomas was looking at. It was stroking my right breast as we spoke and I just let him.

Thomas' cock was pounding and he quickly released it as he watched. The guy freed my breast quite easily and his hand slipped up my dress. From the look on his face, he realised he had found his goal and was fingering me. I smiled as he stood up and slipped his trousers down. I reached forward and released his cock from his briefs. It was about 6 inches long and his balls hung low beneath it. I swallowed his cock in one swoop and Thomas was wanking himself like mad.

“Keep it up, I’m going to cum soon,” the guy said.

Suddenly voices were coming from the house and down the garden. Thomas pulled up his trousers and called out for me. By the time he got round to where we were, we were walking back up to him. We said our goodbyes and got a taxi home.

I was chatty on the ride home and Thomas suggested we went for a walk in the woods behind the house. I consented and on the way, Thomas asked if I'd liked that strange guy's cock in my mouth. I told him I had and when we got to a quiet spot, he leaned me against a tree, lifted my dress and put his finger into me. I was sopping wet.

He took out his cock and entered me there and then in the dark. I moaned and clawed at him as he fucked me like a madman. I came as he emptied his balls into me. We straightened up and walked back to the house.

A few months later Thomas was invited to another party. He hadn't told me it was fancy dress and as neither of us wanted to fork out on expensive costumes we decided to go as a schoolgirl and schoolboy.We had a few drinks before going and Thomas made sure mine were strong.

At the party I was into the alcopos- to go with the image! and more than once Thomas saw me in conversation with a couple of guys. Maybe it was the tight white blouse stretched across my breasts or the short tartan skirt and white knee high socks that was having an effect on some of the men but when I headed upstairs to the toilet, a guy followed me and Thomas followed him.

As I reached the toilet, the guy grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. I let him kiss me and when he pushed me into a small bedroom I didn't resist. Thomas had opened the door with every intention of stopping anything happening but he quickly stepped in and closed the door behind him. We were that drunk we didn’t even see him come in.

Thomas stood in a dark corner and watched as the guy fumbled with my knickers and pulled them to my feet. He dropped his shorts and briefs and a nice stiff cock sprung out. He was about 7 inches long. He pulled his shorts off and sat astride my face to stick his cock in my mouth, as he did I sucked it. Thomas could see the guy was inexperienced and desperate for a fuck. The guy got down on his knees, knelt between my legs and started to lick me out. I moaned as his tongue lapped at my clit. He then stood up to fuck me and thankfully Thomas saw he was going to do it without a condom. He couldn’t let that happen- not with this guy anyway - so he opened the door and pretended to have just come into the room. The guy looked round and instead of jumping off, just said, “You fancy joining me?"

A voice Thomas didn't recognise as his own said, “OK,” and he started to strip off and walked over to the bed.“Go and sit at her head,” he said as he entered me in one go.

The thought of fucking me in front of a stranger was erotic for him to say the least. He was fucking me as the guy’s cock was hanging above my face as he tried to get me to suck him.“I need to shoot,” He said. “Can’t you get her to suck?”

Without a thought, Thomas put his mouth over his cock and with one free hand, gripped his 7 inches and sucked like mad. As though this were the most natural thing in the world, the guy started to fuck Thomas' mouth. Thomas was cumming and cumming hard into me as he felt his mouth fill with cum. The guy knew how to cum and though Thomas had never done nor had any desire to swallow it, he really didn’t have a choice. He started to gag a little but almost all of it went down his throat.

“Wow, that was great.” “I’ll give you my number if you ever want to give head again,” he said to Thomas. Thomas did!

Thomas dressed, then straightened my clothes. I stood up and went to the bathroom. As I sat on the toilet and pissed and he stuck his cum covered cock into my mouth to clean it, which I eagerly did. I tidied myself and we walked back downstairs.

Thomas could see I was drunk even if I didn't feel it and let me have a couple more before deciding we should leave. On the drive home, I dropped off to sleep in the car. A few miles from the house, he remembered a 'lovers’ lane' and also the rumours that it was used as a dogging site. His cock sprung up again. He drove into the parking/picnic area and could see a number of cars partly hidden in the bushes and he could also vaguely make out human shapes in his headlights. He drove way over to the far side of the picnic site and reversed the car into a small area with bushes on either side and behind. Thomas wound down both windows and unbuttoned my blouse to expose my bra.

He pulled both my breasts out of my bra, hitched my skirt up and took my cum soaked panties off then slightly reclined the seat. He undid his trousers and took out his cock then he started to finger me. I was wet – very wet from the cum that had seeped out of me and into my panties. He made sure the light inside the car was in the off position if he had to open a door. He pushed my seat right back and got on the floor to start licking me out and could taste his cum mixed with my pussy juices.

He heard a movement and looked up to see a guy in his forties standing at the window wanking. Thomas smiled and kept going. Within 5 minutes there were four guys around us. The oldest was about 50ish and the other two were late forties and there was also a younger guy about 30ish standing back but fully dressed. Thomas got out his side and walked round with his cock out. He opened my door and swung me round so my legs were outside the car. He knelt down and went back to licking me out. I was moaning softly. Thomas stood up and nodded to one of the 40-somethings to come and take his place whilst he watched and wanked. The men were keen and I soon had many hands squeezing my breasts, mouths sucking my nipples, tongues licking my clit and fingers probing my pussy. In 15 minutes three of the strangers hand probed all available orifices. Thomas then beckoned the younger guy over.

“Does having your girlfriend seduced turn you on,” He said.

Thomas pointed at his stiff cock and said, “What do you think?”

He looked at Thomas and then dropped to his knees, taking his cock in his mouth.

“Oh fuck,” Thomas said as he was expertly sucked. As he was sucking Thomas he released his own cock and began stroking it.

“I would love you to fuck her,” Thomas said

“Sorry I'm gay," he said, " but what about fucking you?”

“Not tonight," said Thomas, "but if I can get you to fuck her, you can fuck me.”

“You're on,” he said and with those words, Thomas came deep down the guy's throat.

He sucked every drop as Thomas filled his mouth and he saw a jet of spunk shoot out of the guy's cock as he did so. He stood up and gave Thomas his mobile number.

Thomas turned his attention back to me and warned the guys he had cum and would be going soon. It didn’t take long for three loads of cum to spray onto my tits and pussy.

To a chorus of multiple “thanks,” Thomas covered me and put me back in my seat before driving home. He mopped me with some kitchen towel, and helped me upstairs to bed.

That evening, Thomas wanked for a third time before he went to sleep!