Written by mrsbridges

23 Dec 2010

The next morning Thomas realised the opportunities that lay ahead for us and was now thinking of choreographing events more so that he could plan the fun he wanted with me rather than let things take there course. More and more he was fantasising over what he wanted. He had this great urge to have the gay guy from the dogging area fuck me but it was developing it into the idea of the other two lads as well. One was obviously bisexual though the other was straight. He thought about getting the guys drunk and horny, me drunk and horny and him staying sober to see what he could get out of one gay guy, one bi and one straight guy all in one room with him and me!

Christmas was coming and it was certainly an ideal time for parties but everyone was occupied with partners. Thomas called the gay guy and he was up for it any time. When he mentioned the other guys he was even more up for it. The young lad at the party whom he'd sucked off also seemed keen but as he had a girlfriend only had a few nights free in December. Thomas got the number for the guy who'd fingered me at the party and called him to say that a couple of his friends were coming round one night to watch the football on our big screen and I had suggested he come too as I was hoping to stay in and watch. He seemed quite keen but Thomas realised he would not be thinking of getting into my pants with him and two other guys around. Thomas had seen him drunk though and hoped he could get him involved with a few beers inside him. Now all he had to think about was me!

He told me about the match and suggested we go out for lunch before 'the lads' came round in the evening.

We took a taxi into town and had a meal in a nice restaurant. We had quite a few drinks at at the end I was quite tipsy but somehow Thomas managed to talk me into having a few liqueurs. Thomas suggested we just keep going and he'd cancel the lads coming round so we went to the nearest pub and spent several hours in there.

Unbeknowns to me, Thomas had moved from vodka and tonic to tonic and tonic and by the time he got me home it was about 6.00pm and I was well gone. He lay me on the bed and I fell promptly asleep. He managed to strip me and get my school uniform clothes on. I was wearing a white bra, white blouse, little white briefs, white socks and short skirt. Thomas had just got organised when the first guy arrived. It was Rob, the gay guy. He was in on the whole idea so Thomas briefed him and he let Thomas feel his trouser front. His cock was stiff. He had never fucked a woman in his life but was very turned on at the idea of these straight guys fucking with their stiff cocks in hand while he watched.

Next came the guy Thomas had sucked off. His name was Gary and he was a very good looking young guy. He looked very embarrassed but Thomas explained that they were all hoping to fuck the woman from the party and also told him that Rob was bisexual and loved giving blow jobs. That perked him up and Thomas left the two of them chatting. They knew that Matthew was the only one who didn’t know what was going on.

Matthew was 15 minutes late but showed up.

The t.v. was playing in the background and Thomas gave everyone a beer and it took an hour before all the guys were well oiled. The football was almost forgotten while the conversation was turned to sex. Thomas had already told the two later guys that I had been out for lunch and instead of going out, had passed out and was sound asleep. Matthew, having gotten his fingers up me before, was very interested. When the time came and he needed the toilet, Thomas took him past our bedroom door where I was lying sprawled on the bed and Thomas explained that we had started having sex but I'd fallen asleep.

Thomas explained to Gary that the girl he saw him fuck at the party was not a slut he had met but his girlfriend and she was in the same condition on the bed.

“You don’t mind guys having her,” He said incredulously?

“I love it,” Thomas replied!

“You going to do her again,” He asked?

“I hope we all are,” he said.

They all quietly went through to the hall and in the dark, could see that Matthew had gone into the bedroom. He was lying beside me with his fingers in my pants, finger fucking me as I quietly moaned. Lying with his legs at an angle, his erection was clearly noticeable in his pants.

Thomas thought it funny that he'd never considered himself gay or even bi, but in the circumstances of guys with me, he suddenly had a great interest in guys’ cocks.

The three of them stood transfixed as Matthew continued to play with me and he in turn was oblivious to there presence. Thomas walked into the room and Matthew jumped up and spluterred an apology. He pushed him back as all the guys came in and announced that they were all going to have fun with me. Matthew obviously wasn’t up to speed with group sex in any format!! Thomas took the lead and started to strip, quietly hushing the guys.

I was drunk but not unconscious!

Matthew stood up as one by one everyone stripped, even Rob. Thomas noticed Rob’s cock was slightly drooping with apprehension, but Gary was not having such a problem. His cut cock was sticking straight up and stood out around 6.5 or 7 inches. Thomas told him he could go first.

Rob knelt between my legs and started to lick me and I instinctively obliged by opening them wide exposing my perfect pussy. Matthew was rubbing his cock through his pants and the erection was noticeable. Rob's arse was open to all of them and his rosebud faced all three as he slurped noisily at me. Matthew had dropped his trousers and underwear and was now sporting a healthy 7 inch uncut cock with large balls sagging beneath. Thomas mentally noted that he wouldn’t mind sucking him after he had fucked me and decided to promote him to first fuck.

“You first Matthew, but don’t cum too quickly,” he said.

Thomas handed him a condom and delighted watching him pull in on to his cock. Rob was by now, rigid and they all stood back as Matthew got between my legs.

“Take it slow, Matthew, I don’t want her awake,” Thomas said.

He loved that moment when the cock pushed at my pussy because he knew how tight I was and how great the resistance felt before it started to slide into me. Matthew started to fuck slowly as my legs were raised so they could all see the actual entry. Thomas dived down on the pretence of licking at my clit but started to lick Matthew’s cock as it slid in and out of me. He moved up to start kissing my breasts and running his tongue round my nipples. I continued to whimper and they all heard little sighs of contentment coming from me.

“I’m near,” Matthew said.

“Pull out then,” Thomas replied.

Now it was Rob's turn. He pulled the condom on and Thomas stepped forward to help. Rob started to enter me and as he did, Thomas licked his cock. I was wet, very wet. Out of the corner of Thomas' eye, he saw Gary pull on a condom and rub some hand cream on it. As Thomas pulled back, Gary climbed on top of Rob and started to enter him. Thomas leaned forward for a better look as he'd never seen two guys have anal sex before. Rob took the cock as easily as I was taking Rob’s. Meanwhile, Matthew’s cock was like iron and his eyes like stalks. This was all too much for him.

“Well,” Thomas said, “If you can’t beat them…..join them.”

He dropped to his knees, took off his condom and stuck his mouth over Matthew's cock and started to suck.

“Hey,” He started to say, but his cock was saying something else. It reared up like a stallion and popped out of Thomas' mouth, slapping him on the face. He gripped it and stuck his mouth over the tip and started to use his newly found cock sucking skills. As his finger found his hole he gently pushed about half and inch into him. That was it. He started to pump. The first went in Thomas' mouth but the rigid cock had a mind of its own and it broke free spraying a fine jet on his face and hair before he could recapture it and put it back in his mouth.

There were around 11 or 12 spurts and his face was awash with cream. Gary withdrew and turned to Thomas, taking off his condom and sticking his cock straight in his mouth. He was rewarded with even more cum before he had time to swallow the first. As he came, Thomas watched as Rob was humping me like a veteran.

The two who had cum looked a little sheepish and left the room to get another drink.

When they had left, Thomas pulled Rob off and decided to let him fuck him as he fucked me. He gently lubricated his hole and sucked his cock. Thomas found it was wonderful and to be doing this in front of his girlfriend was so erotic he could hardly contain himself. He had no idea if he could do this but had prepared his hole earlier in the day by cleaning as best he could and using my dildo to open himself. He climbed onto me and entered. As he started to fuck me, he felt Rob's warm flesh against his hole. It really hurt as he started to push the head into him and he had to pull back a couple of times. Suddenly there was a “plop” as the head entered and a searing sharp pain. As it began to subside slowly, Rob started to gently ease in and out.

Thomas lay dormant and let Rob’s thrusts push him into me. Rob's cock felt great in his arse and he knew he wanted more of this. Rob grabbed his hips and fucked his tight hole for a further 15 mins and then said he was close to cumming. Thomas told him to stop as he wanted to see him shoot his cum over me. He pulled out and took the condom off. With almost perfect timing (and missing the spectacle of Thomas being fucked, the two others wandered back in wearing just underwear. Thomas explained what he Rob and the others were going to do.

He pulled my legs open obscenely exposing my by now throbbing pussy that looked twice its usual size. Rob went first and wanked between my legs. Thomas held them open as he came and his cum shot into my pussy. The cum was creamy white and copious and the site of it shooting in these quantities between my thighs had him going. Matthew came forward next and added his, still generous ball-contents to Rob’s load. His cum was thinner and ran quickly down between my legs. As he pulled back, Gary came forward and shot immediately. Thick dollops splattered straight into my cunt.

“Sorry guys,” Thomas said, “I’ve just got to do this.”

He knelt on top and plunged his cock into me taking all the cum in with him. I stirred beneath him and thrust my hips up to meet his. My pussy was already aroused and Thomas only had to fuck me for a further few minutes before he emptied his balls into me and I came all over his cock. The climax came from the soles of his feet and he arched his back and fucked me about 6 times till there was nothing more to cum.

After he came, he kissed me, withdrew his cock and made me suck it clean.

The guys sat open mouthed when they saw him do this and one or two of them had started to become aroused again.

Thomas said it was time to go and reluctantly they left the room to get changed. Thomas cleaned me then covered me up before returning to the three guys.

“Well guys, that was something else,” he said. “I trust I can expect your discretion about this and who know, maybe we can meet again?"