Written by brian22

8 Nov 2013

Wow.... Amazing what happens when you just go or it.

I was in the office bored, waiting for my pc to sort itself out after some fixing. I was feeling horny and hadnt had a shag or a wank or a couple of weeks.

I left my pc doing its thing and left the office to go to the local woods, it was wet and miserable out so I didnt expect any action.

When I got there I drove past a van in a layby with a man in it, probably looking for some action. I drove up the road a bit, turned round and came back but he was driving off. So much for some cock I thought..... I went back up the road and round to the other end of the woods where it gets busy sometimes. I passed a layby with 2 old boys in it talking and pulled up a bit further on. Ater a couple o minutes one of them walked up and stood by the corner of the wood near a gap and looked at me and nodded. I got out of the car, locked it and followed him in. I thought fuck it. in or a penny etc and opened my jeans as i approached him. he reached in and took hold of my cock and started wanking it, "Lovely " he said...." Do you like it sucked?" I said yes and he went down on me sucking and wanking...It soon got fatter and harder, he pulled his mouth away and said "I want to swallow your spunk have you got loads?" " Gallons " I said He carried on and reached round to finger my arsehole...... With that I pulled out and wanked myself faster while he fingered me. What a dirty old sod lol.....I felt my spunk rising and told him to suck me off. He clamped round me and sucked like a Dyson, I could feel him gagging on my spunk as he swallowed.

He carried on sucking me dry and pulled away.... " You will have to get here earlier" he said. " I can take you back to my place while the wifes out and strip you naked and suck and fuck you "

I will be on the lookout for him