Written by Nathan90210

2 May 2015

I work for a guy who is in his 50s but still very attractive. He regularly works out and is quite a big guy so when he asked me to join his gym I felt obliged. We both went down after work and after some weights we went for a swim. I had a feeling he was looking at me and as he is openly gay I knew he might be interested. After our swim we collected our belongings and went to a cubicle to get changed. It was a family cubicle as the others were busy so we both started to dry ourselves as we prepared to get changed. Almost straight away he dropped his trunks and started to dry his hair. His cock was massive and just hung there. As he had his towel over his head I couldn't help have a sneaky peak. As I gazed I found my own cock start to harden. I must have just become mesmerised by his cock because I didn't notice him take his towel from his head and look at me watching him. "U like what u see?" He said. It startled me as I looked up. He looked at my critch which was bulging with my hard cock. Is out 30 seconds must have passed with us both silently staring at eachother. As I watched his eyes on my crotch I saw his cock twitch and start to grow harder. He dropped his towel to the floor and looked up at me. "Well I'm game if you are" he said. In that moment a sensation overcame my body as this uncontrollable urge rushed through me. I wanted his cock as any inhibitions I had just vanished. I walked over to his toned wet body and dropped to my knees. His hard cock was right there in front of me and as if possessed by lust I took hold of it and opened my mouth.

The sensation was weird and not how I expected it to feel. It tasted equally strange but in a good way as my tongue slid along his shaft. I dropped my hands placing one on my cock and the other rubbing my arse. His hands grabbed my head either side as he began to force my mouth onto him. It was so erotic as I heard other people in the next cubicle. My first taste of cock was amazing.

The more excited he got the harder her pressed my head onto his cock until he just held my head still and began thrusting his cock back and forth as though fucking my mouth. My fingers slid into my arse as I stroked my cock. I could taste his pre cum as he got more involved. Then without warning I felt him twitch and let out a quiet groan as his hot cum spilt onto my tongue. It felt so good as I licked and swallowed his massive load feeling it slid down my throat.

After he was finished he pulled out and continued to get changed in silence although nothing had happened.

Since that day we regularly meet up in the toilets at work so I can suck his cock again.