Written by stewarts2uk

19 May 2008

Just back from a very horny lunchtime visit to woods local to Paisley. Feeling very horny I slipped on a pair of used tight black lace panties which I have `borrowed` , and drove up to Glenifer braes. There i parked up and went into some fairly dense woodland . There were a few empty cars parked up so i guessed i wouldn`t be alone in the woods for long! Found a secluded spot and started playing with myself thru my panties - in no time atall I was feeling very very horny. Soon there was the familiar shape of a guy coming towards me.......cautiously at first but he soon realised i was openly playing with my cock and wearing panties so he stepped forward and with a sigh of delight went straight down on his knees and devoured my cock......i was in heave as this was exactly what i had been hoping for. he must have been pretty horny too for he was giving me the blowjob of my life!Now i`m leaning against a fallen tree and totally enjoying the experience..............now as if that wasn`t enough he then put his hand between my legs so he coud feel my ass thru the panties - wanting to encourage this i slid my panties down to allow him full access..........he immediately started probing my ass with his moistened fingers...Fuck!!!!............You guessed - I started cumming immediately ( I told him I was about to cum but he just slid his finger right inside me and sucked me even harder)......A combination of not having cum for ages and the expert blowjob gave me the best cum I think I can ever recall.........and he didn`t stop until he`d had all of my several major spurts , swallowed the lot and didn`t spill a drop. Then saying simply `thanks` , he left!! ( should have been me who was giving the thanks!).If there`s anyone out there in the Paisley area fancies some cock action in panties then give me a shout.