Written by Aynhoe

6 Apr 2018

Back in early Feb; I got a call from my Landlord saying someone would call to do an energy efficiency assessment for the house I rent. A chap (Peter ) rang to arrange date & time. After the tel call I sensed that Peter sounded a tad effeminate. On the agreed date and just ahead of his arrival I put on stockings, suspenders belt and thong. I covered myself in the loosest fitting lightest trousers I had and a silky shirt with short length and a couple of buttons missing. I had the trouser zip underdone and clear evidence around my middle of the Black waist band of suspender belt and thong. Blatantly showing a very sexy sight with only my hard cock hidden from view but a bulge clearly evident.

To cut a long story short, Peter arrived, spoke about his job explained the why’s and wherefore’s and got on with his assessment. I stood in the kitchen and without verbalising the fact made it very obvious that there was something available for him. I felt so incredibly sexy and whore like, yet my audience never gave any indication of interest - even when I asked him to hold the loft ladder while I went up to turn the light on for him - My trousers intentionally by accident slipped down giving him a view of all. Still no reaction. I assessed Peter to be the consummate professional who didn’t let anything deter him from doing his job. When he had finished I asked him if he would be interested in coming and having dinner with me - to which he replied that he would like that. After he left I was so hard thinking about my exhibitionism I had the most sensational wank. All the excitement flooded out of me.

Two days later I gave Peter a call with the intention of following up. No reply, I left a voice mail hoping he would call me. I was disappointed when no call came.

I put the experience to one side and thought little more of it. Then out of the blue this last Tuesday tea time he called me. After prelinaries I asked if he would like to visit and when suited him. His response was “now” but he Had had a drink and wouldnt drive. I wasted no time volunteering to fetch him. I put on the exact same clothes as I had worn for his previous visit.

One hour later we are both in my kitchen - my trousers discarded and Peter greedily sucking My lusciously hard cock. I removed his clothing and we pressed our cocks and bodies together we both soon came (within a minute of each other) creamy cum splashed over each other. We went to lay on the bed together and enjoy the embrace. Half an hour later our cocks began to stir again Unfortunately for me, Peter was not interested in fucking or being fucked. But hard again we repeated mutual sucking and wanking. We came Again and In due course I returned Peter to his home. He had apparently been prompted to call me because he was about to leave the area and be transferred back in his job to Newcastle. I’m delighted that he came back to me for a couple of short hours. .