Written by fillmenow

7 Sep 2012

I was walking near Derwent water when a mounain biker came up to me on the track. He got off and said--i must have a rest. He was about 55 ish.

He had on a lycra all-in-one and i could not miss the bulge of his cock. It was long and looked thick and i could even see the shape of his helmet. It looked great.

We chatted for quite awhile and then he said i see youare looking at my cock. I really didn't know what to say. He spoke first and said that it was ok. WE chatted agin and he asked if i was gay, its ok -he said-i'm bi. I said i was bi too. With that he placed my hand on his cock-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it felt good and i was ready for male company.

We went into the wooded area and we both undressed. We kissed and fondled. Then he sucked me and i in turn sucked hime--he had quite a monster of a cock--mine is 7 inches and thick but his was much larger.

He stroked my bum and rubbed his helmet over my hole--and i love that. He asked if he could get his cock in me. We need lube for that thing if it is to go up. He tried with spit but couldn't get the helmet in. We wanked each other instead. He turned me round and spunked on my hole and then rubbed it in with the tip of his cock--he managed to get his cock part way in. This made me cum--loads.

No names were passed not future meets arranged just passing ships. And boy it was heaven.

Thank you for reading this.