Written by Jake Lee

19 Nov 2008

I like going to public toilets wearing my sexy womens undies. Recently I was in toilet I know fairly well.Nice hole between the cubicles.

I was there for a while,sitting in my bra and panties,really needing sex.I had almost given up hope when a guy entered the next cubicle.

I hoped he would,nt cover the hole,he did,nt.He looked through and started to undo his trousers standing faceing me.He was wearing a very sexy red thong,I knew I was in.

He unbuttoned his shirt and stood rubbing his cock through his thong. My cock and balls out the side of my panties I wanked myself.He looked through the hole,I stood up to give him a full view,turning around slowly. He put his mouth to the hole and whispered lovely.

I put my eye to the hole,he pushed his thong down,he had a large cock complimented by low hung balls which swung gently as he wanked.I thought I would like to get my hands on them. He got a pen from his pocket,I knew he was writing me a note. He pushed it through.

Would you like to go somewhere safer for some fun it read. I sat on the loo and wanked myself I nodded yes.He spoke to me,are you driving,yes I replied,do you want to follow me he asked,I agreed,follow me out.I needed sex.He left the toilet I followed him.He got in his car and waited for meto get in mine,I pulled off behind him.

He parked in a car park of some posh flats,I followed. He went inside indicating to follow.We entered a flat on the first floor,very nice.What do you like to do he asked,I love your undies.Whatever I replied.He handed me a drink and started to undress,I watched him get completely naked by which time his cock was rock hard.

I removed my shoes and socks I undid my trousers and stepped out of them,he stood wanking as he watched me.I removed my teeshirt,my cock was standing straight up well out of my panties.Wank me he said as he put his hands behind his back his legs apart.Wanking myself with my left hand I took his cock in my right,it was hot,he pushed it in and out of my hand his precum flowing freely.

Can I take some pictures of you wanking wearing more undies he asked.Yes I said wondering what he meant.He went in the next room,soon returning with a camera and a bundle of womens undies,yours I asked,my ex,s he replied.He started to photograph me as I wanked.Try the others he said,just the briefs to start with.

They were tiny barely covering my balls.He photographed from every position,lying brtween my legs for some shots.His cock remained solid,he wanked himself every so often. Lie on the floor he said,I did, he stood above me wanking, using the camera with one hand.The door opened and she just stood there staring.it felt like everything was in slow motion,I knew she said I knew.

She walked to him and slapped him hard first his face and then his cock. She kept slapping his cock,then suddenly grabbed it and started wanking him. Let me see you come off you bastard she shouted.I was off the floor,it was as if she suddenly noticed me. She looked at my cock in her undies,better still you little cunt you wank him off,its what you would have done anyway,she grabbed my hand and put it on his cock,wank him she ordered.

I,ll have these she said as she pushed her undies off me,I let her have them. She started to undress,quickly naked.She seemed slightly crazy now,she pushed her fingers into her cunt and started rubbing herself violently her other fingers going from tit to tit pulling on them.Wank each other off you bastards ,she shouted.Her hands came off herself and grabbed both our balls,wank you bastards she kept saying as she pulled on our balls.

Suddenly I felt my spunk rise and begin to shoot from me,she grabbed my cock from his hand and wanked me harder aiming my spunk towards his cock.I finished coming she still gripped my cock then grabbed his spunk covered cock and really wanked him.Let it go you bastard she shouted, I watched his cock explode it was my turn to be covered in spunk. She continued to pull on his cock long after he finished.She looked at me still holding his cock,her fingers back between her legs.You,you little cunt,get to fuck out of here,I,ve got unfinished business with this bastard.

I,ve never got dressed so fast,she was really pulling his cock as I left,I had a feeling he was going to be coming off many more times before she calmed down.