Written by RandyDave

8 Jun 2009

Part 1 - told of my meeting an 19 year old in a local pool changing room one lunch time and arranging to meet him later....

Work was agony that afternoon - I was desperate for time to go to till 7.00. Would he come? Did I have the guts to do it too? Would he let me fuck him? What would his big cock be like up me? .......

Well, 7.00 finally came around and I drove down to where I had agreed to pick him up. He was there. My heart pounded and my mouth felt dry. My cock twitched and started to get hard. I stopped and he got in. We said hi and I drove off back to my place.

I asked him if he had done much with guys. He said he had wanked a few times with other boys and with a couple of men in toilets and he had been sucked a couple of times but never come that way. He wanted to know what it was like to do it properly. Sucking, fucking. Doing or being done I asked – both he said. My cock got harder. My nipples tingled and got erect against my shirt – I was imaging his big prick in my mouth and my cock going in and out of his tight ass. My asshole closed nervously – I was going to feel his thick cock open me up – could I take it?

We finally got there and we went into my house. Thank goodness it was dark – I don’t think any neighbours saw me bringing this person home. Was it OK? I wasn’t sure but I was too desperate to fuck him and be fucked by him to stop anyway.

I opened up a couple of beers, shut the curtains and put a bi video on. Whilst he (Tim) sat down to watch it I quickly got out of my suit, grabbed some tissues, condoms and lube plus a quilt to go on the lounge floor.

I went in and sat down beside him. The first scene was still on – a stud fucking a girl on a 1-1 in a train. It was hot but I knew the second scene was better. Tim’s trousers were tight in the crotch – I could see his swollen cock pushing the material up. Your trousers look uncomfortable I said – why not take them off. He did. He had boxers on and his cock was battling against them too. Nice I said, putting my hand on his cock and squeezing it gently.

The second scene had started. The stud had gone to visit family friends and the blonde wife was busy seducing him – not that he resisted much. He was fucking her in small gym room when her husband came in, naked and started wanking himself watching them. He told the stud to fuck her hard then, after a minute or so, spurted onto the floor. His wife told him to come across and get a taste of what she had been having.

I had my trousers off too now and I was caressing my nipples with one hand and Tim’s cock through his boxers with the other. The husband sucked the stud a bit – tasting his wife’s juices on his cock. Then his wife told him to go on all fours and take it up his ass. The stud slipped his cock inch by inch in the guy’s ass and started to plough him seriously, with his naked wife rubbing her nipples and clit and saying did he like having the cock that had fucked her fucking him too. God said Tim, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

I started licking and feeling up his nipples – he gasped and arched back - do you like that I asked? God, yes he said. I like it too I said - It makes me tingle round my balls and cock and up my ass. It makes me want to fuck and be fucked. God, yes me too Tim said. Then let’s I said.

We got our clothes off and sat on the floor naked. Both our cocks were rock hard. I grabbed him and sank my mouth over his cock. He felt and tasted great. I tweaked his nipples and lubed up a finger before moving to between his legs, my mouth still around his cock. I gently eased my finger into his ass just a bit, then back and forward going deeper every thrust until I was right in then rotated it round. He groaned I’m coming and then exploded in my mouth, his spunk hitting the back of my throat. One spurt, two spurts then a third and fourth.

I swallowed it then pushed his legs up, quickly put a condom on with some lube and placed my cock to his ass. You want it I asked – yes fuck me he said. I pushed in. He gasped as my head went through his ring. I stopped. It hurts he said. Yes, it will ease I said. Then after a few seconds began to move very slightly in and out. Yes he said, yes. Every thrust I was going a bit deeper then pushed all the way in. We both groaned. I paused, I’m all the way in – I’m right up you. Yes, fuck me, fuck me he said. I started to slip it in and out – first only small movements then, as he stretched, longer strokes. He tweaked my nipples – I want to fuck you too he said, I want to slip my cock up your ass too. I could feel it building up in me and the thought of his big cock which was already hard again opening me up, slipping in and out of me as I was slipping in and out of him pushed me over the edge. I groaned and spurted into the condom. I felt you spurt he said, I felt your spunk hit me.

We lay like that with me on top of him a bit, his legs still open and up in the air with my cock in his ass, softening. I pulled out with an effort and he groaned – my ass feels empty he said. Now I want you in my ass I said. But you’ll have to go easily - I’ve never had some one as big as you.

I sucked him up again then rolled a condom on and lubed him up. I lubed my ass and slipped a finger into myself. Can I do that he asked – yeah, I replied – lube me up, finger fuck me to open me up for your huge prick. I felt his finger slip right into me then two, in and out.

Lie on your back I said. I straddled him and rubbed his cock against my ass, rubbing the lube in more. I knew I would need it. I sat back on him just a little then again. I felt something like a baton pushing against my ass hole. Then I sat back again and it was in through my ring. Jesus, it hurt – it was huge. I stopped frozen, telling him to wait, not to thrust. I eased up, then back, up, then back. God, he was going in. I gritted my teeth, pushed my ass muscles like they say to, and sat down. I felt him open me up, pushing the walls of my ass apart. Then he was right up to the hilt. He had all nine inches up me. Fuck, I was full. He was like a baseball bat. But it was good.

I sat for a while then he started to thrust into me. Come on top of me I said. Fuck my ass like you would a pussy. I lay on my back and he grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulders – it was his turn now to fuck me. And he did. I still remember it even years later – the feeling of his long cock slipping in and out, in and out. He lasted for ages. I curled up and rubbed his nipples, tweaking them. I could feel him getting faster and longer. God it’s good. God it’s good, he kept repeating. Then he groaned, gave me a huge thrust and spunked in me. His cock throbbed in my ass three, four times. We lay there with him still in me – I squeezed his cock with my ass.

I have never been fucked like that I said. My ass will be sore for a week. We kissed. and lay there together exhausted. I loved fucking you he said but being fucked was good too. Can we do it again?