Written by Danny......

2 Aug 2011

I was on my way to Thirsk in N Yorkshire a few weeks ago,I'd be stying overnight for a meeting the following day,I pulled into a service station for a coffee and a freshen up.I have on occasions previously enjoyed a bit of man/man sex on my travels,harder to find these days.

I went in the toilet/washroom,I have a pee and I'm giving my face and hands a quick wash,theres a young man at one of the other basins,theres just the two of us in there,he looked in my direction and smiled,now I could have been totally wrong but there was something that I thought I recognised in the way he looked at me.

He stood in front of the mirror and moved his hands down the front of his teeshirt,he might have been just smoothing it,he was wearing shorts,the running type more than the longer ones young men tend to wear these days,he adjusted them around his waist then picked up his rucksack and left,looking in my direction as he did,I could'nt help thinking that I could shag him.

When I got outside and walked to my car,as I'm opening the door to get in he appeared behind me,I'm going north he said,you going that way,yes I said without thinking,any chance of a ride he asked.Normally I do not pick up hitch hikers,its also company policy,but again without thinking I said yes.

He chucked his bag in the back and got in the front passenger side,as we pulled away I asked where he was heading for,saying I was only going as far as Thirsk,thats alright he said I'm heading for Scotland but I'm not in any hurry,I'll get there eventually,then just general small talk.

It was impossible not to notice his slim almost hairless legs,right up into his groin as his shorts rode up as he settled into the seat,the thought keeps running through my mind,is he gay,he'd said nothing to give me a hint,but I kept thinking I'd like to shag him,in my mind removing his teeshirt and shorts and from his smooth legs thinking that perhaps he's a shaver,to be honest I was'nt taking much notice of what we were talking about.

It took me a second or two to realise what he was saying when he said there was toilets about a mile up ahead off the main road and he'd like me to stop there,I said I would but then started to think how come he knows about toilets in the middle of nowhere,he guided me towards them,I decided not to ask.

We ended up on a little side road and sure enough there was this little toilet block in what must have been a picnic area,there was nobody else around,you coming in he said as he got out of the car,I might not have sussed him but he'd sussed me,he left me undoing my seatbelt as he disappeared inside,when I got out of the car I could feel my knees trembling.

There was just the one cubicle and a small urinal area,he was standing in the cubicle with the door open,he was no longer wearing his teeshirt or shorts,he was now just in petite girls white briefs and a matching white bra,he had his semi hard cock out the top of the briefs in his hand giving himelf a slow long stroke wank his other hand was rubbing his nipples through the bra,from what I could see he was without body hair.

What do you want to do with me he said,its what you've been thinking about,I was managing to gather my thoughts,I heard myself say,wank you,suck you,shag you,fuck you,is it safe to do it here,men only come here these days for one reason,I'm surprised that theres not somebody here doing some fucking already,we're probably just the first to arrive,I hope your'e not a quick cummer,I fancy a session,are you just going to keep your clothes on.

I was in a spot between my brain and my cock,his cock was already rock solid in his fingers and mine was gagging to be wanked,he looked so fuckable my cock won.I'll put them in here he said as I stripped off and then as casual as you like he said as he looked at me naked,I'm impressed,there not always as fine a specimen as that,good balls as well,yes I'm impressed,come here and let me welcome it.

Usually I'm in control and deciding on whos wanking who but not this time,nice one he says as he starts to wank me,then his hands are on my balls,I hope you have'nt emptied these recently and if you have I hope there filling up again for me,I want a feast of spunk today.

Come on he said give me a wank,I take it you want to,feel free to take advantage of me,his hand wanking me overcame the fact that he was running the show,I decided to check if he was fully smooth,I got his knickers off,he did'nt resist,smooth as a baby.I fingered his smooth arsehole,I'll be wanting this big boy up there later he said as he wanked it.

I'd completely forgotten we were in a public toilet until a guy walked in the door,I felt utter panic,but quickly realised I did'nt need to,hiya Vicky,he said to my plaything,I might need to fuck you and go,I'm in a bit of a hurry,your mate will probably want to watch anyway,Vicky looks at me and smiles,ok with you if he gets his rocks off,he's usually fairly fast.

The newcomer has already got his cock out wanking himself fast and furious,Vicky feels it and says that should be hard enough and bends over,I watch in complete amazement as he fits a condom and he guides his cock between Vickys cheeks and pushes it up into him and starts to fuck him.Vicky was right it did'nt take him long,he holds Vickys hips and bangs hard and deep and then with a loud shout releases what was about 6 or 7 spurts.

He pulls out,discards the condon of spunk in the toilet says thanks and leaves,he was ready for that Vicky said as he resumed wanking me.The next two hours were the most unbelievable of my life,men came(NO PUN INTENDED)wanked,sucked and fucked each other,almost against the odds I held out for as long as I could and then with a condom provided by a guy I'd never met before I fucked Vicky while a couple of guys looked on.

Another guy had already offered him a lift further north than I was going,so I headed off alone for Thirsk.