Written by Nathan90210

2 May 2015

My wife and I often play with toys and role play etc. she just loves to stap on and dominate me which I admit is just heaven. Despite our great sex life we both have a fantasy to have other guys present. We decided to join a local swingers club. The discussed what we liked with the owner who suggested attending on the last Thursday of the month (2 days ago). We went down early and had a drink at the bar. The place was dead and but we didn't mind as my wife had her toys with her. We drank and discussed the various scenarios that the night might bring.

After a few drinks the place was still pretty much empty so we decided to go upstairs and change. Wearing our dressing gowns we checked out the facilities. It was mostly private rooms each with a TV screen showing porn. The end of the corridor had a massive mattress enclosed with wooden bars. It looked good so we both lay down and watched the porn on the TV. My wife had her bag of toys with her and began sucking my cock and caressing my arse. My arse gapped as she slid her fingers inside one by one. She took out her strap on and attached it rubbing it over my arse. I closed my eyes and lay back as I felt her go deep inside means start to fuck me. It felt so naughty and erotic as she moved it in and out of me.

After about 10 minutes I lifted my head to see a group of guys starting to form on the other side of the bars. One guy had his gown open wanking his cock as all eyes peered on us. I gave him a cheeky grin and signalled him to come over. He climbed on the bed and knelt beside me his cock hovering over my face. Feeling my wife fuck my arse I took his cock into my mouth. It tasted like sex, like a desire I had yearned for my entire life. As I sucked it hard I felt the dildo pull out of me and my wife turn and kneel over my head so she was facing toward my body. She took my legs in each hand and parted them as I licked her clit. The guy I was sucking came round and took his hard cock against my arse. He slid on his condom and entered my already gaping arse. I had a hard cock in my arse and it felt unreal. Sure we have realistic dildos but this was the real thing. My hands grabbed his waist as my wife pulled my legs further back so he could go deeper inside me. He thrust me hard and fast as I felt his balls slap against my arse.

By now a large group had amassed and my wife was calling the shots. She lifted her pussy off my face, turned to me and whispered "now it's time to fulfil that fantasy. She took my hands underneath me and slapped her handcuffs on them, binding them behind my back. Completely powerless I watched as she called over some of the guys watching. With the first guy pounding my arse I was suddenly surrounded by 3 cocks who all took turns entering my mouth. I gagged as the pushed them to the back of my throat. I could taste the pre cum on my tongue as they became excited. One of the guys then looked down on me and said "can I cum in your mouth?". I could see my wife smile at the side of me as I nodded. The guy straddled my chest so his cock was directly in front of me and started to push fast in and out of my mouth. I could barely breathe as he fucked my mouth. Then it happened! I felt him pause, twinge and let out a groan as his hot cum spilt onto my tongue. It felt unreal as my taste buds lit up. I wanted it all and swallowed ever last drop. He took out his cock and moved aside.

My wife seeing my delight whispered to me "did you enjoy that". My eyes glazed over just looked at her as I continued to be fucked by a guy "mmmmm yeah". She told the guy to pull his cock out of me and with my hands still bound behind me she pulled me on to my knees. The entrance to the room had guys around it as the rest peered through the bars. Forcefully she pushed me over to the entrance and threw me face down with my arse in the air. sge grabbed the handcuff chain and pulled me up so I was facing the guys. The guy in front of me although not very attractive was huge (approx 6'5). He was hairy all over and had a massive cock (I would guess at least 10" and thick. He climbed behind me as I felt him take my hands from my wife. She got a condom and slid it onto him then guilder his cock onto my arse. I moaned as it stretched and went deeper into me. Completely powerless I felt his full length deep in my as his hands pulled the handcuffs I was bound by back into his cock. With face in the air my wife stood over me and grabbed my head. She signalled the watching guys as they took turns thrusting their cocks in my mouth. Some were slow some were fast as my face was forced into each cock.

The guy behind me was so rough and forceful as he ponded in and out, each time taking his huge cock deep into me so his balls slapped my arse and then bringing it the tip of my gapping arsehole. The sensation was unlike anything I have ever felt. Sure my wife had fucked me with a strap on but this guy had the strength to slam faster and harder than I had ever felt. I could feel my cock starting to drip as his cock pushed my prostate. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as cock after cock fucked my mouth.

After about the 15th cock had entered my mouth they started to come over one at a time to finish themselves. The first took his cock to the back of my throat as my wife made me gag. He groaned as I tasted his hot spunk splash the back of my mouth. I swallowed it all as my wife let out a moan of pleasure still holding my head. After every drop of his delicious a pink was consumed I had another cock thrust up against my face. This guy held my hair so my face was lifted even higher. With my mouth open he wanked his cock in front of me shooting his spunk onto my mouth and tongue. It dropped down my chin as I desperately licked my lips to receive as much of his cum as possible. Over the next half an hour I was given load after load of hot spunk. My face was covered and my mouth filled. Still being pounded from behind the guy sped up to a speed that literally had me moaning like a whore. Still holding my hands he pushed my head onto the mattress and squatted above me. The angle made his cock go even deeper as I bit the sheet. His calls slapped me arse as his cock slammed deep inside me each time coming all the way out. It was unreal and I groaned uncontrollably as I had what I can only describe as a prostate orgasm. My whole body shuddered as he orgasmed. It was totally unreal.

Afterwards my wife and I just lay on the bed completely exhausted. I had never felt anything like it. Needless to say we now attend regularly