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Tailor Shop Gentlemen Used the 19 yr old

"I was happy to let them use me"

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After the 3 visits to the Tailor's shop to get my suit ..... and the sex I had with the two elderly gentlemen who owned the place I didn't see them again for a few months, no real reason to go back to the shop but I began to miss the sex.

I called in one Saturday afternoon near closing time .... two or three customers in there and only Norman serving them .... no sign of Charles, the more submissive of the pair. I hovered around until the customers left then started chatting with Norman. He said he was surprised I hadn't been back to see them as he thought I'd 'enjoyed' myself. I said yes I had, very much so. He asked if I'd had much 'fun' since then and I'm sure I blushed when I said 'one or two things yeah'. He said 'Hmmm do tell ..... .I want all the juicy details' and as it was almost 6pm locked the front door of the shop. He walked past me into the back room so I followed. He sat on the small couch, patted the seat next to him and said 'Now tell Norman what you've been up to'.

The shop was in the centre of town and 10 minutes away there was an old underground Victorian toilet I'd discovered one evening. It had two cubicles, 7 piss stones, old, white porcelain and always smelt of piss, spunk and sweat. The cubicles had louvred doors and someone had kicked out some of the louvres on the lower part of the door so if you bent down you could see inside. I began to tell Norman that I'd called in there one evening around 7.30 on my way to my girlfriend's house. Told him there was an old man down the far end of the room, iI assumed having a pee. As I unzipped and began to pee he walked the length of the room very slowly and came to stand next to me. I didn't know if I was nervous or excited but I couldn't move. He looked over the piss stone at my cock then reached around the porcelain and took hold of it. I just stood there. As soon as he touched me my cock I got hard. He didn't speak at all just stared at my cock as he slowly wanked it. I was listening out for footsteps, it was underground so if I heard someone coming down the steps there'd be time to button up and concentrating so hard trying not to cum too quickly. He was about 70 yrs old, shabby, totally unattractive but I was so turned on. After 5 or 10 minutes he looked at me and said 'Come on show me your spunk' and I just let it fly, splashing the porcelain and dribbling down the piss stone as he tossed me harder and faster, draining my young balls.

I hadn't noticed Norman unbuttoning his trousers but when I faced him he had his cock in his hand wanking as he listened. I told him about several other trips to that place and what happened each time, how once I'd gone in a cubicle and stripped off completely down to my shoes, that a guy had come in, gone to the piss stones, unzipped then turned to look at the cubicle, walked over and looked in to see me sat wanking naked......he'd reached in and I knelt on the floor to allow him to wank my cock until he made me spunk all over the cubicle floor. Norman didn't say anything, just slowly wanked his big thick cock and murmured approvingly.

'Take your clothes off' he said ..... and I stood up and stripped as he sat watching, stroking his shaft, smiling. I had a raging hard on, my cock stiff as a poker, balls tight.

'Now sit on my lap and put your arm around my shoulders' he instructed. I felt his big thick mature cock against my thigh as I sat down legs together, stiff cock on my belly. 'Open your legs wide' ..... I just did whatever he told me to. I was so turned on. My naked body totally exposed ot his touch and gaze, his desires. He stroked my neck, chest, belly but wasn't looking at me, he was looking across the room. I realised we were facing the changing - room mirror and he was watching us. Me the naked 19 yr old sat on the knee of this handsome, elegant sexy mature gentleman, his big cock touching my thigh. He kept stroking my body, touching everywhere but not my cock or balls until I almost ached for him to wank me. He turned my head to face him then, still looking in the mirror he kissed me deeply pulling my head to his as he began to wank me. He watched us intently, prolonging the kiss. He turned me on his lap to face the mirror then reaching from behind me he began twisting and pinching my nipples, looking round me to watch in the mirror as he tossed my cock. He forced me to my feet and towards the mirror until we were only 18 inches away from it. I reached behind and felt his thick cock nestling between my young cheeks twitching as he made it jerk. He pinched and twisted my nipples harder and harder, tossing my cock, kissing my neck. He commanded 'Spunk for Norman' and as I watched him tossing me I shot a load of cum splashing the mirror, watching it dribble down as he drained my balls ..... 'Mmmmmmmm that's a good boy' he said as he shook the last drops of cum from my cock.

He pushed his rigid cock back into his trousers and buttoned his fly. I would gladly have sucked him but at that moment he decided no. I started to feel horny again right away at the thought of it.

As I got dressed he told me I could have a job during my summer break from college if I wanted one, a couple of days a week, deliveries, collections, to call back during the week and see Charles. I left feeling so turned on at the idea of it.

That was the start of 5 weeks of me being the sex toy of the two mature, sexy, gentlemen.

Part 2 to follow........

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Written by Trainman

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