Written by Virgin,no,longer.

30 Aug 2011

I,ve made a few attempts to tell my story but end up not pressing submit,some people will think I'm a bit stupid but I'm reasonably intelligent.I'm a 20 year old man who accepted some time ago that I am gay but had never had a physical relationship with another man,I live at home with my mother who has never questioned my sexuality.

A little while ago I got involved in a situation which in the end turned out alright but could have been different.I was having a drink on my own in a wine bar,I don't have a lot of friends but that dose'nt bother me.When I was washing my hands in the toilet an older man started to chat to me,he just seemed the friendly type.

Later when I was back in the bar he came to my table and asked if it was alright if he joined me,he was in his 50s well dressed and softly spoken,I even found him good looking,I knew he might have an ulterier motive but I was'nt unduly worried about that.

Even though I did'nt want him to he bought me a red wine,he was driving so did'nt want one in return.We talked for an hour or more,we were both interested in modern art.As I don't drive he offered to drop me off at my home,he insisted.I can't remember the exact detail but we ended up getting involved sexually,possibly the effect of the wine,but I know that for some reason he stops his car in an area I was'nt familiar with and he put his hand on my thigh.

He removed his hand when I said I did'nt want to do something like that,he said he understood and I thought it would end there,but it did'nt.I have no idea why but I did'nt object when he undid his trousers and exposed himself,even when he asked me if I was OK with it I said yes.

One thing led to another but when he tried again to touch me I said no,I'd never had another man touch me like that and even though I had an erection I did'nt feel ready,after all I'd just met him,but what I did do even surprised me.

He pushed his trousers down to his ankles and pushed the waistband of his briefs below his testicles.His prick was fully erect and stood straight up between his legs,I did'nt know what to expect another mans prick to look like when it was erect but it was'nt massive or anything,I suppose I even thought it looked rather nice,I could tell he'd been circumcised,he had no foreskin.

It seems ridiculous now but I was going along with what he was doing and yet I was'nt prepared to expose myself or let him touch me,even though he said he just wanted to see it,and even more ridiculous was I went along with it when he asked me to wank him off,even taking the handkerchief that he got from the glove compartment to wank him into,which was needed or we would both have been covered in his semen,which he produced a lot of under considerable force.

After he cleaned himself off properly and pulled his trousers up we just talked for a while,I said I was sorry that I did'nt feel ready to do the thing mutually,which he said he completely understood,but said he was more than grateful that I was willing to bring him off.He asked me if I'd be willing to come to his house at another time and perhaps in a more mosphere we would be able to mutually satisfy each other,I said I would promise nothing but I'd like to spend more time in his company.

A week or two later I got a text from him arranging to pick me up if I was still wanting to go ahead with our visit to his house,I found myself looking forward to it,I had on many occasions thought about his prick and seeing it come off,even feeling it come off,I'd masturbated on the thought and felt that I probably would like him to wank me.

It was just small talk on the way to his house,which turned out to be large in its own grounds,I was feeling very relaxed.We looked at some of his art collection and then had some wine,he said it was OK if I still wanted to remain clothed but he liked to wear very little around the house,I said it was his house and it was up to him what he wore,he laughed and said I'd seen it all before anyway.

I think it was just watching him undress that changed my mind,it did'nt seem right,he did'nt even comment when I began to undress also.When he was left in just his briefs he stopped,almost waiting for me to catch up,he smiled and nodded appreciativly.

It was obvious when we were both wearing just our briefs that we were both sexually excited and that we were of a similar size.He did a striptease like little thing as he lowered his briefs down his thighs,the last time I'd seen his prick he was sitting down,standing up like that it looked everything I'd imagined.

He stood there naked looking at me,he looked good for his age,tanned and except for a neatly kept v of pubic hair the rest of his body was smooth,including his testicles,something I had'nt noticed in his car,thanks for coming he said,leave them on if you feel more comfortable,suddenly I wanted him to see all of me,I wanted him to touch me.

We were both alarmed when suddenly there was a loud buzzing,its OK he said its the doorbell its an intercom,I'll get rid,he went in the next room.I was glad of the moment I had a desire to pull at my prick,it felt good.He came back in the room smiling,his hand on his own prick,you look great he said,can I touch you.

He moved close to me,he could see I was nervous,its alright he said very softly as his fingers touched my balls,its alright he said again as his fingers went from touching to feeling,then I felt them move up onto my prick,thats nice,thats nice he repeated as his fingers closed around me,I was being wanked by another person for the first time,what I did'nt know is that it was being watched and recorded by two naked men in an adjoining room and that they would soon be using my body as a plaything,before that I would enjoy the best sexual moments of my young life.

As his fingers moved up and down my prick I forgot all my inhibitions and wanted more and more of him.The previous time I'd handled his prick was I suppose a bit clinical,it was a one way thing,now it was mutual,we were masturbating each other,we were in tune with each others sexual urgency,we were wanting to be pleasured in every way another mans hand could do,I think I felt like a virgin bride must feel on her first night.

I knew of course of oral sex between men but would never have thought a month ago I would actually crave it,I did'nt know if he did it,but knew it would have to be his decision,I need'nt have worried,like it was the most natural thing in the world within minutes we were pleasuring each others pricks with our mouths.

We were so keen in our actions there was no way our first mutual session could last very long,cumming hard and fast was inevitable and even though we'd sucked each other to the point of release we used our hands for the final pulls and thrusts,no handkerchiefs,onto the polished wooden floor,all recorded in full colour,even close ups of my final bursts of semen.

The naxt time I would be sucking prick I would be having a choice of three and I would get a lesson in the difference between request and command.