25 Mar 2019

Last summer was hot and so were the nights. One particular night at about 2am, I could not sleep so I decided to go for a walk in my local park. I put my tunes on and began to stroll around savouring the cool night air. I sat down on a bench in a secluded spot. As I sat there a shadow walked over to me, it was a large man, well I mean fat. as he got closer I could tell he was no spring chicken, I would guess in his 60's.

He stood in front of me and began to talk which I couldn't understand as I still had my music on so being polite I took my ear buds out and explained I didn't hear a word he had said.

he stood in front of me and asked what I was doing out so late and I explained I couldn't sleep, we continued to talk about nothing in particular when he took hold of my head, I was shocked.

With one hand he held my head and with the other he undid his flies. I could smell the faint whiff of piss on his cock before I saw it. And there it was right in front of me another mans cock.

He tried pulling my head towards it but I resisted so he took a step forward and the his foreskin was touching my mouth. With his free hand he peeled his foreskin back and began rubbing his bellend over my mouth and I could hear him say go on you bitch open your mouth, do it now.

This seemed to go on for ages and I don't know why I opened my mouth as soon as I did he shoved his cock in. I cant tell you if it was big but it filled my mouth and I gagged on it. I felt it grow a bit more and he took my head with both hands and began to move my head back and forth. Slowly at first and then began to pick up speed.

it was at this point I realised I was getting turned on and my own cock was getting hard. So I totally gave in and began to enjoy the shape of his cock in my mouth the smell of his pubs, and the taste of his pre cum. I lost myself in this fat old mans cock in my mouth , then it happened, I felt a pulsing in his cock and a warmth filled my mouth. He came with tow large spurts and a third smaller one and I gladly drank it all.

He took his hands off my head but I kept his cock in my mouth and felt it go soft as it did I took hold of it and licked off all the cum on it.

A few minutes later he had put it away and walked off, but since then I am a bitch for fat old men, I just loved being used by them, the older the better.