Written by Richard Tracy

16 Dec 2017

For second Saturday in a row I got the same taxi driver taking me home after a night out. I was bit tipsy and when I got in the car he said to me that this was becoming a habit.

I laughed and said there was worst habits. I started chatting and was getting on well with him.

I'm 48 married and in decent shape, taxi driver was about 35 and also in decent shape. I'm not gay but I have experienced years ago.

It's a bit of a drive as I stay in the country so the chat went from football to politics to woman and sex. I was getting bit turned on and had said to him that I hoped my wife was still up cause I was horny.

The taxi driver told me that he gets all sorts in his taxi who are horny, women and men and he said he sometimes helps them out.

I just looked at him and he then said that it's the best part of his job helping out horny drunk people. He asked what happens if your wife is asleep? I told him I would have a wank. He said surely a blow job is better, I agreed.

He pulled into a lane and told me to put my seat back, he began to rub my crotch and talking dirty saying he loved hard cock. My cock took a while due to the drink but started to get hard. He undone my jeans and pulled out my hardening cock. He told me my cock was nice and smooth while he slowly wanked me, I closed my eyes and just went with it.

Then I felt his worm mouth on my rock hard cock and he began to suck on me. His blow job was as good as any I've had from any female, he was sucking and licking my shaft while he played with my balls. I was in heaven, after about 10 min I told him I was going to cum, he told me he wanted to taste my hot cum..........I fired into his mouth and he sucked and swallowed it all.

As I lay back he took a drink of coke then said to me that I clearly needed emptied. I asked if he wanted anything but he said that he was still on for another 3 hours and he wanted to empty his balls into a female stranger, preferably married. He then took me home.

I hope I get him next time I'm out, next time I will ask his name.