Written by Karlanthony

31 Dec 2009

For a while now i've been reading many stories on here, mostly gay ones. They always get me turned on so i thought i would share my first and only experience so far. This is my first story on here so i'd love to have feedback on it.

I was 18 at the the time. I had invited a friend of mine ben(name changed) to stay over for the night. At this point i had no idea where this would lead.

The night started out just like any other teenage lads sleepover would. Playing fifa on the playstation and then decided to watch a film. We both decided that we would lay on the floor under seperate covers rather than one on the bed and one on the floor. Ben must have been feeling horny because as soon as a sex scene came on if started wanking. I could tell because his sleeping bag was moving up and down. Then something happened which i wasn't expecting.

Ben's hand came under my covers and started to reach for my cock, it started growing before his hand even reached it, getting harder as if tossed me off. Ben then removed my boxes shorts and pulled back the covers. I couldn't believe i was letting this happen but i was so turned on. My hard cock was pulsing in his hand, if started rubbing my cock harderand faster.

'your go now' he said as he moved my hand on to his already hard cock, pre cum all over the large head. I couldn't believe i was doing this. It was the first time i had ever seen or touched bother man's cock before and i was loving it. I starting wanking him, i was nervous to say the least but my confidence grew and i was soon going to work on him, i could tell he was close to cumming so i slowed down.

Ben then moved closer to me and lowers his head, i knew what was coming. His mouth closed around the head of my raging hard dick, his tongue started to play with the tip of my penis and he started to suck faster and faster on me. It wasn't long before i was getting close to cumming so i warned him and he just carried on until i shot my load into his waiting mouth. 2 large shots of warm spunk and about 3 smaller ones and he swallowed the lot.

The least i could do was return what i had happen to me so nervously i lowered my mouth to his cock, i started off slowly but he couldn't wait. Ben started to fuck my mouth. Forcing his 8inches into me, making me gag every now and again. It only took a few minutes before he warned me he was close, i let ben carry on fucking my face until 3 squirts of thick creamy spunk entered my mouth. Now i always thought that it didn't really taste salty like everyone had said but it did. I can't see what the fuss is about it. I loved the taste and swallowed the whole load. He then kissed me, saying how he wanted to taste his own spunk on my lips and tongue. We went to sleep shortly after and have not spoken about that night since.

Ever since that night i've wanted more. I want to suck on another dick and i want to be fucked up the arse and used by a large cock. Anyone interested?