Written by Tom

28 Jan 2010

Steve has very much brought me into the 21st.Century with a bit of a bang,after that first sexual encounter I felt extremely guilty and weak and even though I'd enjoyed it very much,I was finding it so difficult to come to terms with having engaged in a homosexual act.

However my sexual arousal ability had returned to what it had been when I was a much younger man,where in the recent past I would experience an erection occasionally during the night I was suddenly becoming erect many times during the day.

I didn't see sight of Steve during the following week and was sure he felt the same,then totally unexpected he appeared on his veranda naked,I felt my heart racing.He walked down the garden to where I was rooted to the ground,my eyes wouldn't leave his privates as he came towards me,he didn't have an erection but the sight of that area of his toned body was breathtaking.

Hi Tom he said,did you miss me I,ve been away on a course for a few days,can I come in your house,he reached down and took himself in hand,my own had an immediate reaction pushing up inside my briefs.Even though I,d promised myself this wouldn't happen again I was suddenly powerless against my desire to touch his body,he was already fondling an erection,I left my garden and waited for him to come to my door.

He had on shorts and a teeshirt,he looked so good,my feelings were all over the place as he took my hand and shook it are you pleased to see me he said,he was so relaxed,and how's my friend he said feeling for my own erection through my shorts.I made no attempt to stop what he was doing to me,he held my erection tightly,you are glad to see me he said,I hoped you would be.

I just stood stood and watched him as he lifted his teeshirt over his head,his smooth muscular skin shining,his nipples hard.He lowered his shorts to reveal a skimpy pair of briefs,I'd not seen him in underwear before,if anything they enhanced his sexiness,at least half of his erection stood out of his underwear.He could undoubtly see from my reaction that I was overwhelmed,he turned slowly around,then like an exotic dancer slowly removed his briefs.

I seemed not to be able to move,he could see my predicament,he reached and undid the tie on my shorts,I stepped out of them,like his my own erection was standing out of my briefs.He put his hands on my shoulders and slowly turned me around,then facing me he touched both my nipples with his fingertips which caused my erection to almost spasm.

His eyes were smiling into mine as he moved his fingers down my body,my knees began to tremble at the anticipation of the touch to come.Once his fingers entwined my erection I could have immediately ejaculated,I held my breath and let the moment pass.

He got onto his knees and lowered my briefs and waited for me to step out of them,I was barely holding on,to ejaculate would have been so easy.Masturbation had been a once a week pleasure,which was taking more and more time to achieve,now suddenly just his touch was all it was taking.

I had never experienced oral sex in my life,I knew it happened and there were times when I entertained thoughts of my wife taking me in her mouth,but it never happened.Still on his knees he slowly and very gently masturbatd me,I watched his hand but my overiding thought was not to ejaculate,I didn't want the moment to end.

He looked up into my face and smiled,then his hot tongue was licking the length of my erection,then just the head.Through a complete haze of sexual pleasure I felt his mouth encase my erection,no power on earth could stop my ejaculation the right or wrong of what was happening didn't matter anymore.

As I came down from where I'd been I realised my erection had lost its hardness but he continued to gently play on it with his tongue,I've thought about doing that for a week he said,did you like it,I could only whisper,yes.I felt I wanted to put my briefs on but he took them from my hand,you don't to be so modest he said,there's no rush,when you're ready we'll decide what to do with this,he sat on a chair and masturbated himself.

I was surprised how quickly I recoverd,I was completely surprised that I would take his erection in my mouth and feel his copious semen fill it,was it sweet or was that just my imagination.